CGCC 2020 Self Evaluation Report

Preface Evidence

Recommendation 2 Evidence

Standard 1 Evidence

1.A.1 Mission Statement

1.B.1 Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness

1.B.2 Defining Mission Fulfillment in order to Improve Effectiveness

2016-17 Core Theme Assessment Results, Analysis and Achievement Summary

2017-18 Core Theme Assessment Results, Analysis and Achievement Summary

2018-19 Core Theme Assessment Results, Analysis and Achievement Summary

3-Year Comparison of Core Theme Achievement & Mission Fulfillment

1.B.3 Inclusive Planning

1.B.4 Internal and External Environments

1.C.1 Educational Programming

1.C.2 Awarding of Credits, Degrees, Certificates and/or Credentials

1.C.3 Publication of Program Learning Outcomes

1.C.4 Admission and Completion or Graduation Requirements

2019-20 Catalog

1.C.5 Program Assessment and Role of Faculty

1.C.6 Assessment of Core Learning Outcomes

1.C.7 Assessment to Inform Academic and Learning Support Planning and Practices

1.C.8 Transfer Credit and Credit for Prior Learning

1.C.9 Graduate Programs

  • (Not Applicable)

1.D.1 Student Recruitment, Admissions and Orientation

1.D.2 Indicators of Student Achievement

1.D.3 Publication of Disaggregated Indicators of Student Achievement

1.D.4 Mitigation of Perceived Gaps in Achievement and Equity

Standard 2 Evidence

2.A.2 System of Leadership

2.A.3 Qualified Chief Executive Officer

2.B.1 Principles of Academic Freedom and Independence

2.B.2 Supports of Independent Thought

2.C.1 Transfer of Credit Policy

2.C.2 Student Rights and Responsibilities

2.C.3 Admission & Placement Policies and Procedures

2.C.4 Secure and Confidential Retention of Student Records

2.D.1 Clear, Accurate and Consistent Representation

2.D.2 Ethical Standards

2.D.3 Conflict of Interest

2.E.1 Audit & Reporting to Demonstrate Financial Stability

2.E.2 Financial Planning

2.E.3 Transparent Management of Financial Resources 

2.F.1 Transparency of Employment Conditions

2.F.2 Institutional Support for Professional Development

2.F.3 Employment of Sufficient and Qualified Individuals

2.F.4 Employee Evaluation

2.G.1 Effective Learning Environments

2.G.2 Current and Accurate Catalog 

2.G.3 Accuracy of Publications

2.G.4 Financial Aid Accountability and Efficacy

2.G.5 Financial Aid Repayment and Default Rate Notifications

2.G.6 Academic Advising

2.G.7 Student Identity Verification Process for Distance Education

2.H.1 Qualified Library Personnel and Providing Access to Library and Information Resources 

2.I.1 Physical Facility and Technological Safety, Security, and Sufficiency