Promoting Access to Student Success


Ryan Brusco
Academic Advisor, (541) 506-6066

My name is Ryan Brusco, and I am the advisor for the PASS program. You were referred to PASS because a faculty or staff member cared and noticed that you might benefit from additional resources as a student. Every student who attends CGCC is important, and I want to do whatever I can to help you find the tools, support and resources you need to be successful in this class and a stronger student in general.

PASS is here to provide personal, individualized attention for your needs. Please fill out the questionnaire below to help me better understand your situation and how I can help. You will then be asked how you would like to contact PASS to more thoroughly address these concerns.

This contact is required or registration may be disabled for the next term. We do this only to ensure contact is made and that barriers to success are discussed and possible solutions identified.

There are several reasons why students begin to experience difficulty in school. Some of these are included below. Please check all that fit your situation and provide more specific information in the comment box(es).


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