Ideas & Resources for Teaching to the CLO: Communication

CGCC Resources:

Sources and Evidence

Instruction Ideas

  • CRAAP (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose)
  • Plagiarism: what is it? What are the consequences?
  • Copyright research and instruction
  • Proper use of quotation marks
  • Correct formatting of sources (MLA/APA/Chicago)
  • Share rubric
  • Use course textbook as an example of correct referencing


  • Provide students with questions to judge credibility
  • Students will use Ebscohost or a list of course-specific sources to find an article on a specific topic. Students will summarize, reference the citation and discuss the opinion of the article.
  • When using news articles, think of them as gateways to research. Students may find the research from New York Times, then instruct them to go to the source.

Web Resources

  • “… the most comprehensive media bias resource on the internet. “ Use the search bar to check the bias of any source.
  • CGCC library website resources: Request help from the library to create course-specific resource guides
  • (narrows down search to peer reviewed articles)
Style Guides 
  • Citation Machine creates citations for MLA, APA, Chicago styles  It will also format your work into something called 3Biotech style, if that's what you're into:
Chicago Manual of Style:


Using Sources Effectively:


Organization and Presentation

Instruction Ideas

  • Paragraph development – topic sentences with supporting details
  • Share rubric/expectations and requirements for assignment with students
  • How to highlight ideas
  • Review sentence/paragraph/essay structures
  • Specific skills such as: topic sentences, transitions (“consequently”, however”, "subsequently"), key words
  • Provide examples for students of previous student work that was A-level


  • Provide students opportunities to develop outlines
  • Assembling and cutting apart paragraphs
  • Add organization to personal assignment rubrics
  • Consider developing a learning community between WR 121 and content area course, such as HST 101


  • Graphic organizers
  • Math: An outstanding source of authoritative information about mathematics; however, not really designed with a student in mind. This is a place where trained mathematicians can go to find the correct statement of a theorem, the correct definition of a term, or a quick explanation of some field of math:
General Writing Resources and Writing Labs:
Grammar Skills:
MLA Essay Writing Start to Finish: