Reports and Data

Academic Reports

Instructional Program Review

Available Reports from Institutional Research Department

Course Offer/Run/Enrollment
Degree/Certificate Completion within 150% of Time
Degree/Certificate Declarations & Completions
Progression Rate for Series of Courses
Student Retention Fall to Fall
Student Retention over 3 Consecutive Years
Student Success Rates/Grades

Outcomes Assessment & Reports

Course Outcomes
Program (degree/certificate) Outcomes
Institutional Core Learning Outcomes

Data Sources

Assessment Report Inventory
Community College Enrollments (FTE and Headcount) (Oregon) (D4A)
Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development (Oregon)
Voluntary Framework of Accountability

Internal Institutional Reports

Core Theme Assessment

Annual Core Theme Assessment & Analysis Reports
Multiple Year Comaparison & Analysis of Core Theme Measures

Facts at a Glance

Facts at a Glance 2017-18  1.6 MB

State and National Reports

Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)

CCSSE 2017
CCSSE 2016

Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE)

SENSE 2018 322 KB

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Survey (IPEDS)

Glossary of Terms
IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2018 
IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2017
IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2016 

Voluntary Framework of Accountability Outcomes Internal Report

VFA Outcomes Internal Report 2016-17

Economic Reports

CGCC Food & Beverage Programming Feasibility Study
Columbia Gorge Economic Development Strategy 2017-19 3/18 Update

Economic Impact Study 2012

Economic Contribution of Columbia Gorge Community College 611 KB
Overview Fact Sheet 92 KB
Student Perspective 244 KB