Institutional Planning

The college has two strategic goals focused on student access and student success, which are further defined in our strategic plan and are the broad, overarching, multi-year focus areas of the college. These strategic goals are supported by work at both the college-wide and the department levels.

The foundation of the college is described through nine Key Function Areas (KFAs), also known as Standard 2 in the accreditation standards. At the heart of everything we do lay our mission and vision and our work to achieve those is guided by our six core values. Our mission is further defined by three core themes which measure the degree to which we are fulfilling our mission.


Columbia Gorge Community College builds dreams and transforms lives by providing lifelong educational programs that strengthen our community.


Become the first option of choice for education and training services in the communities we serve.


  • Respect for the Individual
  • Community Focus
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Commitment to Learning
  • Service

Core Themes

A - Building Dreams (Access)
B - Transforming Lives (Education)
C - Strengthen Our Communities (Partnerships)

Strategic Goals

Student Access and Student Success

Student Success (Strategic) Plan

The college's Student Success Plan (aka strategic plan) provides a roadmap for improving student access and success through an alignment of accreditation standards, our core themes, achievement compact, Achieving the Dream work and other initiatives focused on student success. We recognize that State mandates and initiatives will come and go, but we stand firm in our commitment to student access and success.

The plan sets a new standard of excellence for educating our students and will help us track our success, report back to the community and keep each of us - faculty, staff and administration - focused on ensuring that our students have the highest-quality learning experiences possible.

The two strategic goals the college is focused on are student access and student success.

  1. Student Access: CGCC will increase our engagement of students, employers, partners and other stakeholders in order to enroll, motivate and assist students in achieving their goals.

  2. Student Success: CGCC will increase our rates of course completion, persistence, progression and transfers to four-year institutions.

The strategic goals are the broad, overarching, multi-year focus areas of the college and are supported by work at both the college-wide and the department levels. Each strategic goal is further defined into strategies following the SMART criteria (specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, time-related).

Student Success Team

The Student Success Team (SST) ensures integration and alignment of institutional and core theme planning and serves as the main communication body for the work that's being done regarding student success planning. As a communication body, the SST ensures that all stakeholders are knowledgeable and informed about the college's student success agenda.

The Student Success Team:

  1. Gathers year-end reports from various subcommittees working on initiatives tied to student success. Examples of such subcommittees are: Core Themes, Achievement Compact Advisory Committee, Achieving the Dream, Strategic Enrollment Management, Accreditation, etc.
  2. Ensures alignment and identifies common themes within these year-end reports.
  3. Makes recommendations for actions/initiatives that rise to the level of institutional focus by being featured on the strategic plan.
  4. Ensures actions/initiatives are clearly articulated in a SMART (specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, time-related) goal format and assigned an institutional lead.
  5. Maintains and ensures adherence to a student success timeline, coordinated with year-end reporting, the budget cycle, and the overall planning cycle at the college.
  6. Creates broad awareness and momentum within the college community for improving student access and success, including regular updates at all-staff and staff meetings, faculty in-service, community functions, etc.

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