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Columbia Gorge Community College builds dreams and transforms lives by providing lifelong educational programs that strengthen our community.

Core Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Excellence
  • Learning
  • Service

Core Themes

  • Building Dreams (Access)
  • Transforming Lives (Education)
  • Strengthen Our Community (Partnerships)

Institutional Goals & Strategic Planning

Columbia Gorge Community College Institutional Goals (IGs) and Strategic Plan provide a roadmap for the college's continued development in order to meet the needs of an always evolving student population and community. IGs were developed through a collaborative planning process that included students, faculty, staff, administration, and the Board of Education. Provided with institutional data and analysis addressing mission fulfillment and student achievement, the planning team was charged with the task of identifying four to five Institutional Goals based on the following criteria: 1) the goal was to be measurable and 2) the goal had to be achievable in three to five years. IGs do not represent all that the college does, but rather the specific areas that the college would like to focus on in order to better realize its mission and ensure student learning and success. The current Institutional Goals were adopted July 1, 2019 and each are intended to guide the college for three to five years, depending on the complexity of the individual goal. As goals are completed, new goals will be determined on a rolling basis.

Following the adoption of the new Institutional Goals, strategic planning teams for each goal met to: 1) define goal achievement and identify assessment strategies for tracking purposes and achievement recognition; 2) create a three to five year action plan; and 3) establish strategic goals for the 2019-20 academic year. This work resulted in the 2019-20 Strategic Plan. Annual planning to determine new strategic goals is conducted in November, following the assessment of mission fulfillment and institutional effectiveness, in anticipation of the college's activity around budget building for the coming year.

Institutional Goal #1: Adoption/Implementation of Equity Practices and Mindset (adopted 7.1.19)

2020-21 IG #1 Strategic Goals
  1. Agree on an operational definition of equity, and communicate and promote its use and integration into the mindset of the college community.
  2. Conduct an evaluation/assessment of how CGCC is currently meeting Cultural Competency Standards.
  3. Based on Cultural Competency Standards evaluation/assessment, develop a two- to five-year plan for getting the college to goal achievement in four years, including sustainability plans.
  4. Identify equity gaps in student access, and develop strategies for mitigation.

Institutional Goal #2: Build a Vibrant Campus Life (adopted 7.1.19)

2020-2021 IG #2 Strategic Goals
  1. Establish a cross-campus steering committee that includes students, employees, and community members.
  2. Create a 2- to 4-year plan for achievement of Institutional Goal.
  3. Build a Campus Life marketing plan.
  4. Develop supports and activities in preparation for the addition of on-campus residents in The Dalles.
  5. Develop and implement strategies for providing a vibrant virtual “campus life.”

Institutional Goal #3: Establish an Institutional Guided Pathways Model (adopted 7.1.19)

2020-21 IG #3 Strategic Goals
  1. Establish a Guided Pathways team.
  2. Develop a multi-year plan to scale adoption of Guided Pathways.
  3. Establish an understanding and college-wide vision and goals for Guided Pathways.
  4. Identify, through the use of data, equity gaps in student achievement and develop action plans to address these gaps.

Institutional Goal #4: Optimize Potential of Skills Center (adopted 7.1.19)

2020-21 IG #4 Strategic Goals
  1. Develop a 4-year goal achievement plan, including implementation of donor strategy and capital campaign.
  2. Secure funding to offset Skill Center program and construction costs.
  3. Institute marketing plan to keep Skills Center program enrollment goals on track.
  4. Market residential housing as a quality option for students enrolling in Skill Center supported programming.
  5. Complete curriculum development and approval to offer processes for Skills Center supported programming - Aviation Maintenance, Construction Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing and Fabrication.
  6. Create an advisory committee for each new Career & Technical program – Aviation Maintenance, Construction Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing and Fabrication.

Institutional Goal #5: Establish Fiscal Sustainability (adopted 7.1.19)

2020-21 IG #5 Strategic Goals
  1. Develop a 3- to 5-year plan for achievement of Institutional Goal.
  2. Establish need and cost-effectiveness benchmarks regarding program adoption and/or sunsetting.
  3. Provide professional development regarding budget development, management, and accountability.

Previous Institutional Plans

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Master Planning

The Master Planning process is an opportunity for CGCC to engage with its internal and external communities to assess the educational needs and interests of the college's service area. Through this process the college reviews its vision, mission, strategic priorities, as well as its program offerings, delivery, and educational direction. Scheduling for the next Master Planning activity is forthcoming and will be announced on this webpage. If you have questions regarding Master Planning or would like to participate in these activities, please contact the executive director of institutional effectiveness, Courtney Judah, at

CGCC Master Plan 2016 - 19 1.32 MB

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