Admissions Policies

Regular Admissions

CGCC adheres to the following standards for admission and enrollment for credit classes:

  • CGCC adheres to the following standards for admission and enrollment for credit classes:
    Students 18 or more years of age who can benefit from the variety of instructional programs offered at CGCC are eligible to apply without restriction. Students under 18 and those applying to special or limited-entry programs, or for Community-Education/non-credit courses must follow the additional rules set forth by those programs and outlined in this section and/or any related special application materials.
  • There is no fee for admission to the college. Some limited-entry programs may have an application fee.
    A high school diploma or GED® is encouraged, but not required for admission, though it may be required for some financial aid opportunities, or for limited-entry and other special programs.
  • New, degree-seeking students enrolling in credit courses for the first time must complete the admissions process. Admissions are completed online, or a paper admissions form is available by request. 
  • New students seeking a certificate or degree may need to complete a placement assessment or provide a transcript from a previous college.
  • Students performing below requisite skill levels in areas such as reading, writing, math and computer literacy will be advised to enroll in courses to upgrade their skills.
  • Students must meet prerequisites for courses and programs, as required.
  • All credit students must meet with an academic advisor prior to registration to obtain registration permission, known as a “Clear to Register.”
  • Students who are seeking accommodations to assist with learning may call Student Services to schedule an appointment with the Student Support Services Coordinator prior to the start of their first term, or at any time thereafter.

Age Restrictions and Other Considerations

Students under 18 and those applying to programs such as Pre-College, ESOL, GED®, and limited-entry programs have additional requirements, as follows.

Students under 18

Students 16-17 years of age who have satisfactorily completed a secondary school curriculum or who hold a GED® are eligible for unrestricted admission. Students of this age who have not satisfactorily completed a secondary school curriculum or who hold a GED® are eligible for admission if they provide a signed Release from Compulsory Attendance from the Educational Service District.

Students under 16 years of age must file an Under-16 Admissions form, provide a signed Release from Compulsory Attendance from the Educational Service District or proof of graduation from their resident high school, and submit a current secondary school transcript unless they are admitted as part of an articulated agreement (e.g. Running Start, Expanded Options, College Now, Early College). After review of the Under 16 Admissions form and other documentation as required, students under the age of 16 may be admitted if:

  • participation will not likely create a health or safety risk for any person or be in violation of federal or state statutes or regulations;
  • the student has the ability to benefit from college-level instruction;     
  • another, more age-appropriate instructional resource is not available; and
  • the student demonstrates the ability to perform academically at the college level     

Additionally, students under 16 must:

  • Score into a minimum of Writing 121 and Math 95 on the college placement assessment.
  • Schedule an interview with the Vice President of Student Services or designee and a parent or legal guardian at the time of application.
  • Attend a required meeting between the student, their parent or guardian, and an academic advisor. At this meeting, an appropriate schedule of classes will be arranged to align with the student’s desired educational goals. The advisor will enable the student’s ability to register for classes. 
  • Complete the online New Student Orientation.

Pre-College, GED® and ESOL

Students age 18 and over who score into Pre-College classes on the placement assessment are admitted to the college in a manner identical to regular credit students, and follow the same rules and restrictions.

Students age 18 and over are eligible to enter GED® preparation classes without restriction. They sign up for the orientation by contacting the Pre-College department. 

Students who are 16 or 17 years of age who wish to pursue a GED® need a Release from Compulsory Attendance form signed by the Educational Service District in which they reside.

Students under 16 are not eligible for GED®.

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program is open to persons 16 or older.

Limited Entry Admissions

Some instructional programs have special admissions standards and may be subject to strict application deadlines, procedures and related fees. The application and materials related to each limited-entry program will list specific entry requirements. Additionally, special admissions requirements are listed in this catalog with other information for the program. In general, the following applies to limited-entry programs:

  • Applicants will be screened and a list of candidates to be accepted into the specific program plus those accepted as alternates (in ranked order) will be generated.
  • Students accepted, students accepted as alternates, and students not accepted by the program will be notified by letter.
  • Students who request further information concerning their non-acceptance to a program may meet with the Dean of Students or the Registrar.
  • Several programs at CGCC require students to complete practical experience of field training at a medical or other facility. Some programs require proof of immunizations, passing a physical exam, and a drug screen before coursework can begin. Contact an academic advisor for more information.

The following programs have limited-entry admissions which require extra steps and/or additional application materials:


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Community Education Admissions

Separate admission to the college is not required for most CGCC community education (non-credit) classes. Students may register in person or over the phone, and they must provide basic biographical data (name, date of birth, mailing address and contact phone number) to register if they do not already have a student account at CGCC. This information will be used to create a student account so that the student may be enrolled in community education courses. A student account is required even for classes with no charge.
The enrollment requirements for community education classes are set by the instructor, and may vary depending on the scope and purpose of the class. The course description for each class will list any special admissions requirements, and exceptions to the requirements are made on a case-by-case basis by the instructor, in conjunction with college policy and safety guidelines set by any and all appropriate agencies. 

  • Details on the requirements for each course, including fees, class dates, and times are published in the quarterly Class Schedule in which the class appears, or on the CGCC website. 
  • Payment for community education classes is required at the time of registration. Non-payment will result in the student being automatically dropped from the class. Although an attempt will be made to contact the student and resolve the dropped registration, each student is responsible for registration and payment.
  • In the event of a cancellation by the instructor or the college, the student will be refunded. Credit/debit card payments will be reversed, and payments to the college by cash or check will be refunded by check mailed to the student. 
  • An attempt will be made to contact the student if a class is cancelled, or if the time, date, or location of the class changes, but the college holds no liability if the student cannot be contacted and the college has acted in good faith. 

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