Why Academic Assessment?

The purpose of academic assessment at CGCC is to:

  • Ensure student proficiency in course, program and institutional student learning outcomes (Core Theme B: Transforming Lives - Education; Objective B3)

  • Systematically improve teaching and learning at the course, degree, certificate and program level
  • Create a continuous process that is collaborative and dynamic, engaging faculty and students to improve student success throughout the entire institution
  • Utilize assessment to improve instruction, while providing usable data that demonstrates this improvement to our community
  • Balance the process of assessment between the requirements of external compliance, and a meaningful and thoughtful practice, which is part of what educators do on a regular basis

The Assessments

CGCC's assessments are an ongoing process of gathering, analyzing, and reflecting on evidence to make informed and meaningful decisions to help improve our students' learning throughout their college experience."

-Curriculum & Academic Assessment Department


Kristen Kane

Academic Assessment Coordinator

Kristen Booth

Title III Academic Assessment Coordinator

Sara Wade

Instructional Services Administrative Assistant

Susan Lewis

Dean of Teaching & Learning Foundations Director of Curriculum & Academic Assessment Accreditation Liaison Officer