Outcomes assessment at this level measures student achievement of individual course outcomes. Results and analysis from the outcomes assessment are used by faculty to improve teaching and learning at the course level.

Course Outcomes Assessment is the documentation of what we, as educators, do on a regular basis: instructors continually assess whether our students are learning and mastering course outcomes, making adjustments to increase student success and achievement of those outcomes. Course Outcomes lead to degree, certificate and program outcomes and Institutional Learning Outcomes.                                                                             


CGCC's Course Assessment process is collaborative combining student course evaluations and course outcomes assessment. Department Chairs establish a schedule so faculty participate at least once per year and regularly taught courses are assessed every three years. Participating faculty complete a plan at the beginning of the term and a results and analysis section at the end of the term.

The Plan (Part A) is due the first Friday of the term. Results & Analysis (Part B) is due the fourth Friday after the end of the term.

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