At CGCC, you are part of a caring community committed to providing a safe, healthy environment where you can grow, thrive and learn. Attending college is an important achievement and an exciting time in life. You arrived with hopes and dreams – what it would be like, what you will learn and how it will help you achieve your goals.  We want to help keep that feeling of excitement, anticipation and vision alive and well!

College can also be a time of significant transition, which can be both positive and challenging at times. Life can throw us “curve balls” – things we didn’t anticipate – and this can be true in college as well. There may be times when you begin to struggle with personal health or family issues, or academically in your classes – times when you might just need some extra support.

As we work together to build your dreams and transform your life, CGCC’s Student Support Services offers individualized attention for your needs, providing the tools, support and resources to develop yourself to be a strong and successful student and individual. We invite you to explore the services available to you below:

Counseling Services

Disability Resources

Campus and Community Resources

PASS (Promoting Access to Student Success)

Wellness Resources (coming soon)

Get in touch!

Shayna Dahl

Student Support Services Coordinator