CGCC counseling services exists to provide support and encouragement to students who may be feeling overwhelmed by school and/or life experiences and circumstances. Confidential, short-term counseling services are available to CGCC students experiencing problems that interfere with success in school or who need additional support.

Meeting with a counselor can help students to:

  • Identify/understand overall wellness needs and goals
  • Reduce/manage test anxiety
  • Gain stress management/coping strategies
  • Develop and maintain healthy relationships
  • Balance demands of family, school and work
  • Learn healthy and effective communication skills
  • Learn conflict resolution strategies
  • Become more effective problem solvers
  • Assist with career planning and development
  • Identify referrals for off-campus counseling services to assist with mental health needs
  • Identify referrals for community resources to assist with practical needs

We also periodically offer groups and workshops on a variety of subjects.  If you would like to request a group workshop topic, please contact the Student Support Services Coordinator.

Access: It is preferable that students make an appointment, however if the counselor is not scheduled with other students, meeting on an unscheduled, ‘drop-in’ basis is acceptable.  Every effort will be made to attend to a student who is experiencing an acute issue or crisis that may require more immediate care.  If the provider is unavailable at the time of a more immediate student need, they may be seen by another professional in Student Services to assess their need and assist them in taking any necessary next steps.

Cost: Counseling services are provided at no direct cost.  Services are supported by the per credit Student Health Fee.

Referrals/Making an Appointment: If you would like to receive services, contact Student Services at 541-506-6011 to make an appointment.  If you have concerns regarding privacy in making an appointment, you don’t have to indicate that it is for counseling or you can also contact me directly to set up a meeting.  In the future, students may also be able to make online appointments independently through a secure system.

Office Location: Currently, the office location is Room 3.227 inside the Student Services Office at The Dalles Campus, and in Room 211 on Wednesdays on the Hood River Campus.