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College Now

Why wait to earn college credit when you have excellent, qualified instructors at your own high school? College Now is a dual credit/dual enrollment program that, through the coordination of Columbia Gorge Community College and local high schools, offers high school students the opportunity to earn transferable college credits while taking approved high school classes. These courses are designed to award dual credit (high school and post-secondary) for courses taken at the local high school. High school instructors meet college faculty qualifications and students’ skills must be appropriate to the college-level work. 

General Information

Aside from getting students a head start on college-level classes, College Now credits are a fraction of the cost of normal college tuition. Check out the average costs (2023-24 school year) for a four-credit class at the various kinds of colleges and universities in Oregon:

The program is designed for Junior and Seniors but it is up to the high schools to determine who qualifies for these classes. Sophomores can also earn College Now credit, but they must submit a Sophomore Exception Form (with parent/guardian and teacher signatures) before registering.

A teacher at your school must first be a College Now instructor. If your school already offers College Now courses, your first step will be to Apply to CGCC. You can find a step-by-step application guide below. Students only need to apply once in their lifetime. If you return to CGCC after graduating high school, you will continue to use this account.

After applying, you will receive your official CGCC Student Portal account. Through this account, you will be able to register for College Now classes. Once your teacher announces that registration is open, you will use the Student Portal to search for your teacher's name and enroll in the class.

At the end of the course, your teacher will submit your grade to the college. You will find your unofficial transcripts on the Student Portal, where you can view your grades.

Note: College Now fees are $60 per class. Students are responsible for these fees unless their school specifies otherwise. 

Current Classes

All listed classes are expected to run but may be canceled for various reasons. Students will not be charged College Now fees for any canceled classes. Confirmed classes (see the Confirmed tab below) are rarely canceled.

Use the filter, group, and sort settings to limit the list to certain schools, teachers, etc.

Can't view the table below? Click here.

Guides - Become a College Now Student

Step-By-Step guides for new and returning College Now students.

If you have already applied to CGCC, you do not need to apply again! Please email if you cannot remember whether you have applied.

Students can apply anytime (before registration ends) but we encourage early applications since processing can take several weeks.

  1. Open the Non Degree-Seeking application here. Note: This application works well on smartphones and tablets! 
  2. Select College Now as your Program.
  3. Fill out the form, using your official high school email.
  4. Click "Apply Now!" 
  5. Wait 1-2 weeks for CGCC to process your application. If you do not hear back from CGCC with your login information, contact for an update.

  1.  Log into your student account at
  2. Click Academics on the left and then when it appears, click Registration.

  3. Scroll down slightly and click the blue Registration button in the middle of the screen. If asked to select a term, select the correct College Now term. 

  4. A new window will pop up. In the new window, scroll down to "All Courses - Includes Required and Elective courses."

  5. Scroll through the list of College Now classes, until you see the class you want to register for.

  6. Click the green plus sign icon on the far left of the desired class. 

  7. In the bottom half of the window, find the "Register / Drop" button on the right side. Click Register/Drop. 

  8. Finally, click Register/Unregister All. 

  9. You should now see your classes on your Class Schedule in the student portal!

Students can also watch a video guide by clicking here.

Resources and Important Dates

2023-24 Registration Dates

  • Fall Term: September 1st - October 27th
  • Winter Term: November 13th - February 2nd
  • Spring Term: February 26th - April 19th

Term Information: How CGCC Terms Align with High School Semesters/Trimesters

Students register for the CGCC term that aligns with the high school end of term and the date the class will complete all required CGCC content. 

  • Classes that end before mid-December are typically Fall Term classes.
  • Classes that end after mid-December but before mid-March are typically Winter Term classes.
  • Classes that end after March but before mid-June are typically Spring Term classes.

For Semester Schools, this means that classes that begin in September but end in January (Semester 1) are typically Winter Term classes while January to June classes are considered Spring courses. 

College Now students must email before the dates listed below to be fully removed from a class. Students who do not contact Student Services before the Drop Date will be charged for any classes they have registered for.

2023-24 School Year

  • Fall: November 17th
  • Winter: March 1st
  • Spring: May 24th

*Note: The Drop Date always coincides with CGCC's official withdrawal dates which can be found on the official CGCC Academic Calendar.

  1.  Log into the Student Portal at
  2. Click Academics on the left.

  3. Then click on "Unofficial Transcript"

  4. Finally, click on the Unofficial Transcript file.

  5. You should now see your current grades. If there is an error or if you are missing a College Now class, please contact

For Official Transcripts, click here.

Starting with the 2023-24 School Year, all students must submit the following signed form to CGCC. Students can either ask their parent or guardian to sign the form digitally, sign the linked PDF and email it to, or they can print the PDF out and turn it in to a College Now teacher.

Note: this form only needs to be submitted once during the student's high school career!

Sophomores can also find the Sophomore by Exception Form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apply to CGCC by following the instructions in the application guide above. While applying, pay special attention to the listed steps, or you may be unable to register for classes!

Sophomores can, but they must fill out a Sophomore Exception form and return it to This form requires parent/guardian and teacher signatures. You can download the form here.

You can contact the College Now Coordinator, Cat Graham, at or you can fill out a Help Request form here

Students should always use their high school email, if possible. This helps CGCC confirm a student's identity. If you cannot use your high school email (or if you suspect your high school is filtering CGCC emails) please use your personal email. 

Please contact with an explanation of the issue. If you are missing a specific class, please provide the teacher's name, the approximate date of the class, and any other relevant information.

College Now credit is CGCC credit, which is transferable to all colleges and universities.  Every college has a right to articulate the credit to fit their academic requirements.  However, CGCC students do not experience significant challenges transferring our college credit.

Colleges in Oregon and Washington have online guides that students can use to research future transferability.

The following guides do not guarantee transfer.

If you have any questions about transferring, contact Student Services at

MFG150, MFG155, and MFG195 are the CGCC course names. Please use the chart below to understand which TDHS class corresponds with each CGCC course.

Welding Chart

Contact with your specific question and we can look into available courses and programs in your area.