College Now

Through the alignment of curriculum between high school and college courses, College Now provides high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and high school credit for select classes. High school teachers (once approved by their Principal and Columbia Gorge Community College to teach a college credit course) work with CGCC faculty to offer the course at their high school and arrange for student registration and submit student grades to CGCC for credit.

The high school teacher is responsible for obtaining their Principal's approval to offer College Now courses at their high school(s).

Instructor Forms

Inquiry Form - First step toward becoming a College Now instructor
Course Approval Form
Course Renewal Form 
Sophomore Exception Form - CGCC students must be High School Juniors, Seniors, or a Sophomore with a completed Exception Form
Midterm Review Form - For Mentors


You can download the College Now Teacher Handbook (Work in Progress) here. You can view the previous Handbook here.

Student Assistance

Students must individually apply to CGCC and register for each course that they plan to earn dual credit in. To help teachers walk students through these processes, CGCC offers the following guides.

  1. Visit and click Apply here -> under Non Degree-Seeking Students
  2. Email Verification: Use your High School email to verify your account and begin the registration process
  3. Use your full legal name
  4. In the Applicant Information section, under Program, Select College Now
  5. Under Program Version: Select College Now
  6. Under Previous Education: Select Still in High School

  7. Under Program Start Date: Select the correct term. Note: If your term has already begun and you cannot see it on the list, choose the next term after it. (Fall -> Winter -> Spring ->) For example, because Spring '23 has already begun, you will instead select 2023-24 Fall Start Date. This is simply to bypass how our system shuts down regular applications when a term has started. You will still be able to register for the correct classes.
  8. Under High School: Find and Select Your School
  9. Complete the rest of the application and wait for instructions in your email and from your teacher. You can contact if you have any questions about your application.

  1. Log into your student account at
  2. Click Academics on the left and then when it appears, click Registration.

  3. Scroll down slightly and click the blue Registration button in the middle of the screen. If asked to select a term, select the correct College Now term. 

  4. A new window will pop up. In the new window, scroll down to "All Courses - Includes Required and Elective courses."

  5. Scroll through the list of College Now classes, until you see the class you want to register for.

  6. Click the green plus sign icon on the far left of the desired class. 

  7. In the bottom half of the window, find the "Register / Drop" button on the right side. Click Register/Drop. 

  8. Finally, click Register/Unregister All. 

  9. You should now see your classes on your Class Schedule in the student portal!

Students can also watch a video guide by clicking here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Instructors must submit grades online through the Faculty Portal.

Grades are due at the conclusion of your College Now course and before the CGCC term (that your course is aligned with) ends. If you are teaching a sequence, grades should be submitted at the end of each course within the term.

It is the responsibility of the student to notify their instructor by the stated deadline if they wish to withdraw from a course. The instructor will then notify CGCC's Student Services to withdraw the student. Instructors are encouraged to remind students of the withdrawal deadline. 

CGCC College Now High School instructors must meet the following qualifications to be unsponsored:

  • Lower Division College Transfer Course
    • Master’s degree in the subject area; or

    •  Master's degree in a related area plus 24 graduate hours of credit in the subject area; or

    • Demonstrated competency in the field.

  • CTE Course
    •  Master’s degree in the subject area and three (3) years recent, full-time, nonteaching experience in the field; or
    • Master’s degree in a related area plus 24 graduate hours of credit in upper division coursework in the subject area, and three (3) years recent, full-time, non-teaching work experience in the field; or
    • Bachelor’s degree in the subject area and four (4) years recent, full-time, nonteaching work experience in the field; or
    • Bachelor’s degree in a related area, plus 24 hours upper division coursework in the subject area, plus four (4) years recent, full-time, non-teaching work experience in the field; or
    • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in subject area or professional education plus five (5) years recent, full-time, non-teaching work experience in the field, or demonstrated competency and/or qualifications set by licensing organization in the field.

High school teachers who meet these qualifications and are interested in teaching a College Now course should review the College Now Handbook to understand the expectations of teaching a college credit course at the high school. 

Teachers who do not meet these qualifications can still teach a dual-credit course. These teachers work closely with a CGCC faculty member to ensure that class content meets college standards.  

First-Year College Now high school teachers and sponsored teachers will work with an assigned CGCC faculty mentor to create a course syllabus, which will include the approved course description and the approved course outcomes. CGCC’s course content and outcomes guides (CCOG) provide this information and can be found here: Please see CGCC's Syllabus Template (Appendix p. 15 of the College Now Teacher Handbook) to assist with the format of the syllabus.

Interested teachers can begin the approval process by submitting an Inquiry Form (along with the required documents) to or by submitting a physical copy to office 3.315 in building 3.

Please refer to the College Now Teacher Handbook - College Now Teacher Approval Process. This document will walk you through the approval process.