Welcome to the College Now Teacher page! Here you will find the information you need to apply for and teach a college credit course in your high school.

Through the alignment of curriculum between high school and college courses, College Now provides high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and high school credit for select courses. High school teachers, once approved by their Principal and Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) to teach a college credit course, work with CGCC faculty to offer the course at their high school, arrange for student registration and submit student grades to CGCC for credit.

It is the high school teacher's responsibility to obtain their Principal's approval to offer College Now courses at their high school(s).


Inquiry Form
Course Approval Form
Course Renewal Form
Sophomore Exception Form


You can download the College Now Teacher Handbook (PDF) here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instructors must submit grades online.

Grades are due at the conclusion of your College Now course. If you are teaching a sequence, grades should be submitted at the end of each course within the term.

Students enrolled in a sequence course (such as WR 121, 122) must pass each course with a minimum grade of "C" prior to enrolling in a subsequent level.

It is CGCC's intention that high school students will succeed in their College Now courses, however, should factors impede their success, students should consider withdrawing from the course to avoid receiving a "D" or "F" grade and being placed on academic probation at CGCC.

It is the responsibility of the student to notify their instructor by the stated deadline if they wish to withdraw from a course. The instructor will then notify CGCC's Student Services to withdraw the student. Instructors are encouraged to remind students of the withdrawal deadline. 

Please refer to page 5 of the College Now Student Handbook PDF for instructions on how students register online for College Now courses.

CGCC College Now High School instructors must have:

  • Master’s degree in the subject area; or
  • Master's degree in a related area plus 24 graduate hours of credit in the subject area; or
  • Demonstrated competency in the field, including a current and appropriate teaching certification for the course being requested and either a Master’s degree or a minimum of three years’ experience teaching the course being articulated.

High school teachers who meet these qualifications and are interested in teaching a College Now course should review the Dual Credit High School Teacher Scope of Work (Appendix p.9 of the College Now Teacher Handbook) to understand the expectations of teaching a college credit course at the high school.

To apply to CGCC to teach a course, please see the College Now Teacher Approval Process (Appendix p.11 of the College Now Teacher Heandbook) for instructions.

The high school teacher will work with an assigned CGCC faculty mentor to create a course syllabus, which will include the approved course description and the approved course outcomes. CGCC’s course content and outcomes guides (CCOG) provide this information and can be found here: https://www.cgcc.edu/ccogs. Please see CGCC's Syllabus Template (Appendix p. 15 of the College Now Teacher Handbook) to assist with the format of the syllabus.

Please refer to the College Now Teacher Handbook PDF, page 11 - College Now Teacher Approval Process. This document will walk you through the approval process.