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Maybe you know what you want to do, or maybe you have a lot of interests and you’re not sure yet. Either way, CGCC has a Pathway for just about everyone! Whether you’re looking for a fast track to a degree, or you plan to transfer to a 4-year school to complete a Bachelor’s degree, or you have something else planned, CGCC’s Pathways will put you on track to your future and help you turn dreams into reality.

How does it work? 

Choose a Pathway - the general area you’re interested in - and let us help you get started on your journey. CGCC offers six general Pathways, each representing a cluster of career opportunities and a variety of related degrees and certificates. Still not sure which Pathway is right for you? Start with a skills and interest assessment available below.

Reach your destination

Determining a program of study

Explore on your own, or our advisors can help you narrow down to a specific program that is right for you. Advising information.

Choose your Pathway

CGCC General & Transfer Degrees

Looking for a General Degree or to transfer to another institution, we have a degree for you!