What is the Technology & Trades Pathway?

If you're ready to embark on a hands-on career that combines technical skills with innovation, programs in our Technology & Trades Pathway offer a diverse range of options to kickstart your journey. 

    CGCC Programs in the Pathway

    Career Options: 

    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Quality Control Technician - Manufacturing
    • CNC Machinist
    • Welder
    • Construction Manager
    • Construction Estimator
    • UAS Operator
    • Wind Turbine Technician
    • Control Systems Engineer
    • Electrical Engineer

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    Mike Taphouse

    Associate Director of Advising, Pathways: Business programs, Technology & Trade programs, Mathematics & Science programs, Associate transfer degrees in mathematics and sciences

    Meet the Administration!

    Jim Pytel

    EM-Tech Instructor & Technology & Trades Department Chair

    Robert Wells-Clark

    Director of Tech & Trades & Manufacturing Instructor

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