Why Aviation Maintenance?

Reach for the skies with our Aviation Maintenance program. If you enjoy problem-solving and getting up to your elbows in the inner workings of engines, aviation maintenance may be the career for you. Our Aviation Maintenance Technology program provides comprehensive, FAA-approved, training in aircraft maintenance, covering both airframe and powerplant systems. Specialized certificates in Aviation Airframe and Aviation Powerplant allow you to scaffold your educational journey and take FAA licensure exams as you complete each area of training. Individuals who have successfully passed their Airframe and Powerplant licensure exams are in high demand as studies are showing that a large number of currently employed mechanics are reaching retirement age, making the field of Aviation Maintenance rich with opportunities for interested individuals. It is anticipated that there will be an ongoing need for trained aviation mechanics locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. 

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Mike Taphouse

Associate Director of Advising, Pathways: Business programs, Technology & Trade programs, Mathematics & Science programs, Associate transfer degrees in mathematics and sciences

Meet the Faculty!

Bryan Despain

Aviation Maintenance Instructor

Tyson Aldrich

Aviation Maintenance Instructor

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