The Focused Child Care Networks (FCCNs) are designed to provide a focused support system and community for a cohort of providers in this region.  The goal of FCCNs are to recognize, reward, and build on the quality work that is already taking place in our local child care programs.  We do this by giving providers support through technical assistance from the network Quality Improvement Specialist (QIS), opportunities for collaboration with other providers, professional development training, and financial incentives.

Join a FCCN

Our FCCNs are open to all family child care providers (Certified, Registered, and Exempt) who are currently serving:

  • children living in poverty;
  • infants and toddlers;
  • culturally diverse children;
  • languages other than English; and,
  • DHS listed.

If you join a FCCN, every month you are required to complete one:

  • training;
  • meeting; and,
  • one-on-one meeting with a QIS.


Joining a network means receiving support in a variety of ways each month including: 

  • individualized one-on-one support;
  • individualized training series with goalsetting, reflection, and follow up;

  • peer support, problem solving, and reflection; and,

  • financial incentives.

To join a FCCN, contact CCP and let us know you're interested.


Contact CCP

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