Associate of Science Oregon Transfer - Business

90 credits

The Associate of Science Oregon Transfer— Business (ASOT—BUS) degree is designed for students planning to transfer credits to any Oregon public university, and seek entry into that institution’s business school program. Students completing the ASOT—BUS degree will have met the lower-division general education requirements of the institution’s baccalaureate degree programs. Students transferring will have junior status for registration purposes.

Admission to the business school program of a public university is not guaranteed upon completion of the ASOT—BUS. It is strongly recommended that students contact the business school program of the school they intend to transfer to early in the first term of their ASOT—BUS program to be advised of additional requirements. Students should also meet with a CGCC academic advisor.

Candidates for the ASOT—BUS must satisfy the General Education Requirements and Associate Degree Comprehensive Requirement Limits and meet all the degree specific requirements listed here.

Degree Specific Requirements

  • Associate Degree Comprehensive Requirement Limits
  • All courses must be passed with a grade of “C” or better
  • BA 101Z, 131, 211Z, 213Z and 226. BA 226 may be replaced by any other faculty-approved 200-level BA course.
  • A minimum of 20 BA credits are required for the ASOT—BUS degree

ASOT Elective Credit Requirements

All candidates must complete elective credits to meet the overall requirement of 90 credits for this degree. Elective credits may include any lower division collegiate courses (level 100 or higher). A maximum of 12 credits of Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses may be applied.

General Education Requirements

Students must complete at least 11 discipline studies courses from the General Education Electives List. All courses in discipline studies must be a minimum of three credits. A course may count towards foundational requirements or discipline studies, but not both.

  • Arts & Letters: complete three courses from at least two disciplines.
  • Social Sciences: Complete four courses from at least two disciplines; two courses must be microeconomics and macroeconomics.
  • Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science: Complete four courses from at least two subject areas (including three laboratory courses in biological and/or physical science).
  • Cultural Literacy: Select one course from any course designated as meeting the cultural literacy requirement. This course may be one of the required discipline studies courses.

Elective Credit Requirements

  • All candidates must complete additional elective or university specific prerequisite courses for a minimum of 90 credits. Elective courses may be any number of credits.
  • A maximum of 12 credits of CTE courses may be applied (may not include the career technical required coursework in the degree).
  • A maximum of three credits of physical education (PE) may be applied to this degree.
Core Requirements  
RequirementsCreditsCourses which satisfy requirements
Writing8WR 121Z and either WR 122Z or WR 227Z. A student must have at least eight credits of Writing.
Mathematics12A minimum of three courses MTH 111Z or higher for which intermediate Algebra is a prerequisite. One course must be Statistics.
Oral Communications4COMM 111Z, COMM 140, COMM 215, COMM 218Z
Computer Applications8BA 131 and (CAS 140; or CAS 109 and [CAS 170 or 270])