Wellness Resources


Shayna Dahl
Student Support Services Coordinator
sdahl@cgcc.edu, (541) 506-6046


This page is a place for students, faculty and staff to find resources and tools to support health and wellness, both here on campus and in our community. It is also a space where we will share information on special events or programming.  This page will be under development as we hope to keep adding to it and improving it over time.

To kick things off, May is Mental Health Month!  It is a great time to improve our online presence and offer everyone more access to wellness resources and support success at CGCC and beyond.  

In addition to some very timely information on healthy technology use developed by our partners at HAVEN shared via social media, classroom slides and student emails throughout the month, we also plan to hold a mental health screening day and a very fun event in collaboration with CGCC's student government designed to help you blow off some steam! (stay tuned for more details).

Screening Day Information and Resources

Mental Health America has also provided a wonderful toolkit for students (that can benefit anyone, really) including informational sheets, worksheets and other strategies to get you thinking about and taking action in improving your wellnesss.  

Remember, what is useful or helpful for one person's well-being may be different for another.  The path to wellness is sometimes a delicate balance and each person needs to find the strategies and tools that work best for them, given the unique circumstances experienced. Please find links listed below and reach out to Student Support Services if you would like further support using these or understanding how they may apply to you. Visit our Support Services page for more resources to get help.

Adapting After Trauma and Stress

Accepting Reality

Dealing with Anger and Frustration

Getting Out of Thinking Traps

Processing Big Changes

Taking Time for Yourself