Web Development Assistant 

Certificate of Completion: 40 credits. Advising Guide

Career Description

The Web Development Assistant less-than-one-year certificate provides training for entry-level positions in web site development and maintenance for businesses. A web development assistant is trained to understand the essential functioning of the Internet, the basic tools needed to develop and manipulate web pages, such as competence with HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Web development assistants also will understand other common web-related tools, such as PHP, search engine optimization, various Java tools, and database manipulation using SQL.

Course of Study

The Web Development Assistant is a stand-alone certificate; however, it is closely related to and shares several courses with the Web Design Assistant certificate. Upon completion of either certificate, students may choose to complete the other certificate by taking five additional required courses, preparing them to perform the tasks of a well-rounded web assistant versed in both development and design. Students must also meet general certificate requirements.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this certificate, students will be able to:

  1. Provide basic support for existing websites in the workplace
  2. Be prepared for entry-level jobs in the area of web development
  3. Work in the role of web development administrative support or as an entrepreneur to develop and manage departmental and personal websites.
  4. Assist website developers in creating and maintaining websites.
  5. Use critical thinking skills to identify key web development issues.
  6. Apply website development skills in a business environment to assist in the creation and maintenance of websites following current professional and/or industry standards.


  • Placement into MTH 65 Beginning Algebra (4 credits) or MTH 98 Quantitative Math (4 credits)
  • WR 115 Expository Writing (4 credits) or IRW 115 Critical Reading and Writing (5 credits) or equivalent placement

Course Map

Sequence shown is a recommended plan for full-time enrollment. Scheduling requirements may prevent all courses from being offered every term. Students must meet with an academic advisor to map their specific degree plan.

Courses Credits
CAS 108 Beginning Photoshop 3 credits
WT 101 Introduction to Web Design & Development 1 credits
WT 102 Social Media Marketing 3 credits
WT 105 Writing for the Web 3 credits
WT 206 Web Design with HTML 4 credit
Total 14 credits

Courses Credits
CAS 181 Web Content Management 3 credits
CAS 230 Design Principles 3 credits
WT 200 Web Trends 1 credits
WT 213 Cascading Style Sheets 4 credits
CG 209 Job Finding Skills 1 credit
Total 12 credits

Courses Credits
BA 207 Introduction to E-Commerce 4 credits
WT 180 Search Engine Optimization 2 credits
WT 215 JavaScript and jQuery 4 credits
WT 225 Database Theory and MySQL 4 credits
Total 14 credits

Credit Summary  
Requirements Credits
Computer Application Systems (CAS) 9
Web Technologies (WT) 26
Business Administration (BA) 4
College Guidance & Success (CG) 1