Step-by-step Guide to Travel Reimbursements in RAPS

Contract Cover Sheet

Purchasing at a Glance Guide (Revised August 8, 2022)

CGCC Rules of Procurement (Revised June 12, 2012)

Board Policies

Procurement Forms

P-1 Procurement Process Documentation Form ($5,000+)

This form will help you document your quotes. Keep it on file with your originals and Purchase Order.

P-2 Request for Quotation Form

This form can be sent to vendors when requesting a written quote. Be sure to clearly specify the goods or service you need along with any special requirements.

P-2C Request for Quotation Form for Construction Related Projects

This form can be used to solicit quotes for construction or maintenance projects under the Formal Threshold limit. Be sure to include any special requirements, bonding or prevailing wage requirements.

P-3 Sole Source Form ($75,000 or more)

This form must be completed and approved by Purchasing for all Sole Source procurements prior to issuance of any Purchase Orders regardless of dollar amount.

P-4 Purchase Delegation

P-5 Check Request Form

P-6 Gift Card Receipt Acknowledgement

This form must be used when awarding or issuing gift cards procured with campus funding, either general fund and grant funded.

P-7 Travel Request Form

All travel request forms should be submitted at least fifteen days in advance of the travel date.