Digital Marketing Assistant

Career Pathway Certificate: 19 credits. Advising Guide

Career Description

The Digital Marketing Assistant certificate is designed to add value to the Administrative Assistant certificate or degree. Job activities could include assisting in the research of market conditions or gathering information to determine potential sales of products or services. Students completing this certificate can find jobs at small businesses or startup companies.

Course of Study

This career pathway certificate can serve as a first step for students interested in pursuing a college credential and can put them on a path for earning more advanced certificates and degrees. It is also a value-added credential to CGCC’s Administrative Assistant one-year certificate or AAS degree.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this certificate, students will be able to:

  1. Apply digital marketing concepts and skills in a business environment.
  2. Write social media and web page content that aligns with legal guidelines and best practices.
  3. Create and execute a digital marketing plan.


  • Placement into WR 115 Expository Writing (4 credits) or IRW 115 Critical Reading and Writing (5 credits)

Course Map

Sequence shown is a recommended plan for full-time enrollment. Scheduling requirements may prevent all courses from being offered every term. Students must meet with an academic advisor to map their specific degree plan.

Courses Credits
CAS 108 Beginning Photoshop 3 credits
WT 105 Writing for the Web 3 credits
Total 6 credits

Courses Credits
CAS 208 Intermediate Photoshop 4 credits
CAS 231 Desktop Publishing 3 credits
Total 7 credits

Courses Credits
WT 102 Social Media Marketing 3 credits
WT 181 Digital Marketing Strategies 3 credits
Total 6 credits

Credit Summary  
Requirements Credits
Computer Application Systems (CAS) 10
Web Technologies (WT) 9