Institutional Learning Outcomes

Through their respective disciplines, CGCC students who earn a degree can:

  1. Communicate effectively using appropriate reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. (Communication)
  2. Creatively solve problems by using relevant methods of research, personal reflection, reasoning, and evaluation of information. (Critical thinking and Problem-Solving)
  3. Extract, interpret, evaluate, communicate, and apply quantitative information and methods to solve problems, evaluate claims, and support decisions in their academic, professional and private lives. (Quantitative Literacy)
  4. Appreciate cultural diversity and constructively address issues that arise out of cultural differences in the workplace and community. (Cultural Awareness)
  5. Recognize the consequences of human activity upon our social and natural world. (Community and Environmental Responsibility)

Academic Assessment

Related Instruction

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees and/or certificates of 45 credits or more must contain a recognizable body of instruction in program-related categories of communication, computation and human relations. These three categories are referred to as "Related Insttuction." (Additional topics which should be covered as appropriate include safety, industrial safety, and environmental awareness.)

The related instruction requirement in certificates may be fulfilled using stand-alone courses, courses in the program containing embedded instruction, or a combination of the two. Each approach, however, must have clearly identified content that is pertinent to the general program of study. In addition, departments are strongly encouraged to use standalone courses whenever possible.

Administrative Rule 040.033.000 Related InstructionPDF

Operating Procedure 040.033.001 Related InstructionPDF

Category definitions, outcomes, and standalone course options for Related Instruction categories - communication, computation, human relations

Related Instruction Templates for Certificates with 45+ Credits
Accounting/Bookkeeping PDF
Administrative Assistant PDF
Aviation Airframe PDF
Aviation Maintenance Technology  PDF
Aviation Powerplant PDF
Entrepreneurship PDF