Construction Technology - Finishing

Certificate of Completion: 33 credits. Advising Guide

Career Description

The Construction Technology - Finishing certificate enables students to gain an advanced footing in the high demand construction industry both locally and regionally. The certificate teaches a wide range of skills needed to be successful in the construction trades whether they be concrete, framing, roofing, exterior finishes and everything in between. These techniques teach the requisite skills needed to seek employment using the experience gained upon completing the certificate. Students who complete the 33 credit certificate have the potential to enter the workforce with the knowledge and skills to be a finish carpenter. Finish carpenters focus on the numerous wood details that complete the interior of residential and commercial structures.

Course of Study

The Construction Technology - Finishing certificate is wholly contained within and applies toward the completion of the Construction Technology AAS degree. Together with the Construction Technology - Building certificate, the majority of credits for the AAS are completed. Additional credits of General Education are required to complete the AAS. 

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this degree will be able to:

  1. Explain terms and nomenclature pertaining to the tools, materials and hardware associated with the construction field.
  2. Demonstrate the safe and proper use and care of basic construction tools.
  3. Apply safe work habits at all times.
  4. Perform fundamental construction techniques properly, including flooring, concrete, drywall, roofing, and exterior finishing details.
  5. Communicate effectively with coworkers, industry partners, and clients.
  6. Use advanced green building techniques and materials.


  • MTH 98 Quantitative Math (4 credits) or placement into MTH 65 Beginning Algebra (4 credits)
  • Placement into IRW 115 Critical Reading and Writing (5 credits) or WR 115 Introduction to Expository Writing (4 credits) 

Course Map

Sequence shown is a recommended plan for full-time enrollment. Scheduling requirements may prevent all courses from being offered every term. Students must meet with an academic advisor to map their specific degree plan.

Course Credits
CT 230 Roofing and Siding 3 credits
CT 231 Sheetrock/Drywall Basics 3 credits
CT 232 Flooring Basics 3 credits
CT 233 Green Building Materials and Methods 3 credits
Total 12 credits

Course Credits
CT 113 Deck Building 3 credits
CT 221 Advanced Materials and Methods 3 credits
CT 223 Fences, Handrails and Gates 3 credits
CT 243 Prints, Drawings and Plans 3 credits
Total 12 credits

Course Credits
CT 222 Commercial Concrete 3 credits
CT 241 Hardware, Adhesives, Sealants and Flashings 3 credits
CT 242 Estimating Labor and Materials 3 credits
Total 9 credits

Requirements Credits
Construction Technology (CT) 33