Evaluating Child Care Quality - How to Guide

It is your responsibility to evaluate the quality of child care services. Use this guide to help you assess potential providers.


Trust your first impression. Does the home or center look safe? Do the adults seem to enjoy being with children? Are there plenty of toys? Visit more than once and stay as long as you like. Even after you start using child care, visit often.


What does the child care setting sound like? Do voices sound cheerful and patient? If it's too quiet, there may not be enough activity. Too much noise may mean a lack of control.


Count the number of children and staff in each group. A small number of children per adult is especially important when caring for groups of young children and babies.


Ask about the knowledge and experience of the people who will be caring for your child. Quality caregivers are happy to have you ask these questions and are always learning more about teaching and caring for children.

Be Informed

Find out about the efforts in your community to improve quality care and education. Is your caregiver involved in these activities? How can you help?