Spark is a voluntary program designed to support and recognize high quality early childhood care and education programs.  The Spark program not only helps early care and education professionals continue improving the quality of care they provide, but it also offers professional development and coaching and gives them access to resources, including funding, to make improvements to their child care programs. 


Spark is Oregon’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS).  It is an innovative program to raise the quality and consistency of child care and learning programs.  Spark connects caregivers and educators with tools, financial incentives, and professional advice to ensure the children in their program are better prepared for school.  It also gives families expert, unbiased information to make more informed decisions about their child care options.  

Learn more about the QRIS here.

  • Ensure children are better prepared for a great start to kindergarten and beyond.
  • Create common standards of excellence.
  • Professionalize the child care industry and early learning sector.
  • Put tools, financial incentives and expert advice in the hands of child care providers and early learning managers/staff.
  • Give providers a marketing tool to grow their business or reassure parents that their child is in expert hands.


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