Child Care Partners (CCP) understands how much the current workforce is changing due to the high number of single parents and single-income families.  CCP also knows how important family-friendly workplace policies can increase productivity and play a large role in hiring and retaining staff.

CCP is available to work with local companies in guiding employers in the development of policies and strategies, as well as support and resources for their staff, and in accessing quality local child care options.

Benefits of Child Care

Employees will be more productive and have much better attendance if they know that their children are in a quality child care program.  Employees whose children are not in a consistent, quality program will miss more work and be distracted worrying about their children when they are at work.

Employees are often a two-parent, working family or are single parents.  To be able to attract and retain a quality workforce, employers must be aware of the child care needs of families.

You want a tax break.  Oregon employers who subsidize child care expenses or contract with CCP could be eligible for a 50% tax credit for these costs.

You care about children and your community.  We now know that children’s brain development from birth to school age is directly influenced by their early environment.  Quality child care is critical to children who spend much of their day in care.  Quality at this stage means that children grow up secure, healthy, and are ready for school.

  • Has a direct impact on Oregon’s economy
  • Keeps a majority of Oregonians working
  • Child Care programs are major consumers of goods
  • Child Care programs are major employers
  • Child Care programs are caring for our future work force


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