Aviation Maintenance Technology

Certificate of Completion: 96 credits. Advising Guide

Career Description

The Aviation Maintenance Technology two-year certificate prepares students to test for the Federal Aviation Administration A&P (Airframe and Powerplant) mechanic license. Students with an FAA A&P license may find employment as mechanics in the aviation industry with commercial airlines or at small regional airports. According to Boeing's Pilot & Technician Outlook report for the period of 2019-2038, 769,000 new maintenance technicians will be needed globally over the next 20 years and 193,000 within the U.S. alone. Currently, the number of mechanics retiring will outpace those entering the profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics and Oregon Employment Department estimate current Oregon Aviation Maintenance jobs to be approximately 1,440 with a projected increase of 13% over the next eight years.

Course of Study

The Aviation Maintenance Technology program consists of "stackable" certificates that can lead to the attainment of an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. The Aviation Maintenance Technology certificate prepares students in the same FAA required skills as the Aviation Maintenance Technology AAS degree without the additional 12 credits of general education requirements. Coursework taken in the Aviation Airframe and Aviation Powerplant certificates is fully contained in the Aviation Maintenance Technology certificate, and coursework for all three certificates is wholly contained within the Aviation Maintenance Technology AAS degree. As such, all coursework in these certificates may be applied to the completion of the AAS degree. Stackable certificates allow students to apply to take the FAA's General, Airframe and Powerplant licensure exams upon completion of coursework for each area.

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this degree will be able to:

  1. Service, maintain, troubleshoot and repair airplanes and rotorcraft.
  2. Perform proficient, entry-level aviation maintenance skills.
  3. Apply knowledge of FAA regulations and industry standards.
  4. Think critically, problem solve, and communicate effectively.
  5. Apply math and physics principles in solving problems associated with aviation maintenance.
  6. Work effectively in a team and/or group setting.
  7. Sit for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification exams (written, oral and practical) for the airframe and powerplant (A&P) airman certificate.


  • MTH 65 Beginning Algebra (4 credits) or equivalent placement
  • WR 115 Introduction to Expository Writing (4 credits) or IRW 115 Critical Reading and Writing (5 credits) or equivalent placement. 

Course Map

Sequence shown is a recommended plan for full-time enrollment. Scheduling requirements may prevent all courses from being offered every term. Students must meet with an academic advisor to map their specific degree plan.

AMT 191 Aviation Maintenance: General 1016 credits
AMT 192 Aviation Maintenance: General 1026 credits
MTH 105 Math in Society (or higher)4 credits
Total16 credits

AMT 193 Aviation Maintenance: General 1036 credits
AMT 194A Aviation Maintenance: General 104A3 credits
AMT 194B Aviation Maintenance: General 14B3 credits
WR 121 or WR 121Z Composition I4 credits 
Total16 credits

Course Credits
AMT 195 Aviation Maintenance: General 1056 credits
AMT 261 Aviation Maintenance:  Airframe 16 credits
AMT 262 Aviation Maintenance: Airframe 26 credits
PSY 101 Psychology and Human Relations 4 credits
Total22 credits

AMT 263 Aviation Maintenance: Airframe 36 credits
AMT 264 Aviation Maintenance: Airframe 46 credits
AMT 281 Aviation Maintenance: Airframe Return to Service3 credits 
Total 15 credits

AMT 271 Aviation Maintenance: Powerplant 16 credits
AMT 272 Aviation Maintenance: Powerplant 26 credits
Total 12 credits

AMT 273 Aviation Maintenance: Powerplant 36 credits
AMT 274 Aviation Maintenance: Powerplant 46 credits
AMT 282 Aviation Maintenance: Powerplant Return to Service3 credits
Total15 credits

Credit Summary  
Aviation Maintenance Technologies (AMT)84
Mathematics (MTH)4
Psychology (PSY)4
Writing (WR)4