To be eligible, students must:

  • Submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) each year
  • Complete the GLOBAL financial aid process
  • Have unmet need equivalent to the amount of work study offered (students cannot be awarded over their Cost of Attendance)
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress each term
  • Be enrolled at least half time (6 or more credits) each eligible term

Employment opportunities may be available on campus in The Dalles and Hood River. Students may begin working only after Federal Work-Study has been offered and accepted. Students may earn up to $1,100 per term with a maximum of $4,400 per award year, depending on terms of attendance and eligibility.   The average work-study award per term is $500-$1100.

Steps to Receiving Federal Work-Study

  1. File for Federal Student Aid (through FAFSA process) and complete Global Financial Aid process. 
  2. Look for position openings below and contact the supervisor listed for availability.
  3. Email financialaid@cgcc.edu the Federal Work-Study Application. Financial aid staff will review your application, verify your eligibility, and notify you. Check your student email.

For more information about the Columbia Gorge Community College Federal Work-Study program, please contact financial aid staff at financialaid@cgcc.edu.  

Columbia Gorge Community College is an equal opportunity educator and employer. For accommodations, please contact Shayna Dahl, Student Support Services Coordinator, at (541) 506-6046, 711 relay, or sdahl@cgcc.edu.

Federal Work-Study Opportunities

Below is a list of College departments and a brief description of possible tasks required for each work study position. Not all departments will have work-study positions available each year or each term. 

Assist Advanced Manufacturing Technology faculty in prep of data and work with industrial partners of the AMT program.  Run CNC equipment and process G-Code for production.  Prep test plate, fabricate to specifications, cut stock for tests, and prepare materials for student projects.

*Knowledgeable in the AMT program, attention to detail, time management, and promptness*

Assisting with customer service, sales, cashiering, stocking, and merchandizing.  Duties and responsibilities will include: textbook receiving and student pick up, inventory, organizing, customer service, sales, cahier, merchandizing.  Should have cashier experience/cash handling experience and must be reliable and trustworthy.

Electro-Mechanical Technology inventory management and lecture editing. 

*Completed first year of Electro-Mechanical Technology program preferred*

Provide clerical assistance as well as assistance with projects.  Duties and responsibilities include: scanning, filing, typing, receiving mail, delivering mail, creating documents in MS Office or Google Suite, and creating posters and signs.  Should have computer experience or willingness to learn.  Able to work under deadlines, adaptable, detail oriented, and maintain confidenitality.  Must be dependable.

Help make the Library Learning Commons (LLC) inclusive and welcoming by greeting patrons, managing material and print requests, and providing support for faculty, students, and staff.  Operate circulation and printing systems, serve patrons (accound management, research/material requests).  Help with library projects. 
**Customer service skills would be helpful!**

Assist the Student Services department with clerical work.  Scanning, filing, faxing, and/or copying documents.  Take phone messages, data entry, customer service, and assisting with prepping for events.  Must be dependable and trustworthy.  Computer literacy in MS Office, Google Suite, and in general a plus!

Position Available
Cooking, customer service, food prep, and cleaning.
**MUST have an Oregon food handlers card.**

Assists students in various subjects: Moodle, NetTutor, and time management.  Guiding students to learn to focus, computer skills related to schooling as well as other skills that help their education. 
*Bilingual preferred*

This position supports CGCC's writing and literature program via student mentoring, research, and organizational tasks.  The Writing Department Work Study Student's main focus is to provide peer mentoring in basic writing skills; sentence structure, paragraphing, organization, and source utilization.  This may include any combination of the following: one-on-one mentoring in person or via Zoom; working in a classroom as an embedded tutor; and performing research and other tasks for writing related topics.  Applicant must have strong writing skills.  They should have also good organizational and time management skills.  They should be fluent or able to become fluent in Gmail, Zoom, and Google docs.