This document (PDF) is an overview of CGCC's visual brand guidelines. CGCC Brand Guidelines

The brand guide specifies two fonts, Texta and Nexa Slab. Employees or students making CGCC-themed posts, flyers, or other casual documents can use the two alternate free fonts linked below.

Open Sans (free substitute for Texta-see Brand Guide above for full instructions): Download  
Zilla Slab (free substitute for Nexa Slab-see Brand Guide above for full instructions): Download

Download Instructions

Use Arial when Open Sans cannot be used (e.g. external PowerPoint presentations)

For those making officially-branded merchandise, a small number of font licenses are available. Contact August Oaks at about access to the official fonts.


Primary Color Palette

These are the core colors and will help consumers quickly identify the CGCC brand. At least one of these colors must be used on all CGCC-official merchandise. The preferred color is the "CGCC Purple" designated below, but other colors may be used in combination.

PMS 512c
CMYK:  C: 46  M: 96  Y: 33  K: 13
RGB:  R: 137  G: 42  B: 101
HEX#: 892A65
Thread: Floss 718/DMC "Plum"
PMS 7455c
CMYK:  C: 90  M: 73  Y: 0  K: 0
RGB:  R: 46  G: 88  B: 168
HEX#: 2E58A7
Thread: Floss 797/DMC "Royal Blue"
PMS 1375c
CMYK:  C: 0  M: 50  Y: 100  K: 0
RGB:  R: 247  G: 148  B: 30
HEX#: F7931D
Thread: Floss 970/DMC "Pumpkin Light"
PMS 7626c
CMYK:  C: 13  M: 93  Y: 100  K: 4
RGB:  R: 205  G: 55  B: 39
HEX#: CC3626
Thread: Floss 304/DMC "Red Medium"
PMS 7488c
CMYK:  C: 56  M: 0  Y: 100  K: 0
RGB:  R: 125  G: 194  B: 66
HEX#: 7DC142
Thread: Floss 703/DMC "Chartreuse"
Charcoal (Text)
PMS Black 90%
CMYK:  C: 0  M: 0  Y: 0  K: 90
RGB:  R: 65  G: 64  B: 66
HEX#: 404041
Thread: Floss 3799/DMC "Pewter Gray Vy Dk"

 Secondary Color Palette

These are the supporting colors and are complementary to the primary palette. They work well as backgrounds or if an extended palette is needed, but should never replace the primary palette as the core color(s) of a design.

Light Blue
PMS 7682c
CMYK:  C: 64  M: 43  Y: 8  K: 0
RGB:  R: 103  G: 134  B: 184
HEX#: 6785B7
Thread: Floss 799/DMC "Delft Blue Medium"
PMS 7661c
CMYK:  C: 49  M: 63  Y: 20  K: 1
RGB:  R: 143  G: 108  B: 149
HEX#: 8E6D96
Thread: Floss 3835/DMC "Grape Medium"
PMS 1225c
CMYK:  C: 0  M: 22  Y: 83  K: 0
RGB:  R: 255  G: 200  B: 68
HEX#: FFC743
Thread: Floss 725/DMC "Topaz Med Lt"
PMS 150c
CMYK:  C: 0  M: 34  Y: 73  K: 0
RGB:  R: 255  G: 178  B: 89
HEX#: FFB259
Thread: Floss 3854/DMC "Autumn Gold Med"
Moss Green
PMS 575c
CMYK:  C: 62  M: 32  Y: 96  K: 14
RGB:  R: 104  G: 129  B: 60
HEX#: 68803B
Thread: Floss 469/DMC "Avocado Green"
Light Gray
PMS Black 35%
CMYK:  C: 0  M: 0  Y: 0  K: 35
RGB:  R: 177  G: 179  B: 182
HEX#: B1B3B5
Thread: Floss 318/DMC "Steel Gray Lt"

The logo images on this page are low-resolution examples. 
Full-resolution web and print logo files are available to employees and students on the Google shared drive under Marketing > Logos. Community members who wish to use any CGCC logos should email August Oaks, at

Horizontal Logos

The horizontal, color logo is the college's primary logo. 
Use this logo as a first choice whenever possible.

Official Logo - color
Official Logo - black
Official Logo - white reverse

Round Logos

The round logo should be used when space is at a premium, or in places where cropping of the image would lead to the college name being obscured. Example: Facebook and other social media "round" profile picture.

Round Logo - color
Round Logo - black
Round Logo - white reverse
Round Logo - pride

Safe zone

The safe zone is the space surrounding the logo, which keeps it apart from any other text or graphics. Keep all other elements outside the logo’s safe zone.

The safe zone is the height of the capital letter "C" in Columbia.

Taglines are all lowercase, italic with a comma (if necessary) and no other punctuation.

building dreams, transforming lives
live here, learn here

This is the release form to allow the college to use your artwork, photo, video, or statement. Please download and print, and return the signed copy via email.

For CGCC-specific writing style questions, adhere to the CGCC Writing Style Guide. For general writing style questions, request access to the AP Stylebook.

All college documents must contain, at minimum, either the short or long Equal Opportunity Educator (EOE) statement. Some documents also require other statements, as follows. You can download the statements here.

Name: EOE short statement
Usage: This statement must be placed on any college document of two pages or fewer
Statement: Columbia Gorge Community College is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

Name: EOE long statement
Usage: This statement must be placed on any college document longer than two pages.
Statement: It is the policy of Columbia Gorge Community College and its Board of Education that there will be no unlawful discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, marital status, national origin, religion, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, and any other status protected by applicable local, state, or federal law in any educational programs, activities, or employment.

Name: EOE Contact Information
Usage: This statement, or a link to the information online, must accompany the EOE Long Statement on any document that is classified as a booklet, book, or report. Examples include student/employee/faculty handbooks, college catalog, class schedule, and budget reports.
Statement: Persons having questions about equal opportunity and nondiscrimination should contact:

Mailing Address for All Equal Opportunity Contacts
Columbia Gorge Community College
ATTN: (fill in appropriate name from below)
400 East Scenic Drive
The Dalles, OR 97058

Courtney Judah
Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Office: Rm 2.349 Phone: (541) 506-6151

Civil Rights; Student Programs, Activities, and Services
Michael Espinoza
Vice President of Student Services
Office: Rm 3.223 Phone: (541) 506-6010

Educational Programs; Title II Coordinator
Jarett Gilbert
Vice President of Instructional Services
Office: Rm 2.108 Phone: (541) 506-6030

Title IX Coordinator
Lisa AbuAssaly George
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Office: Rm  Phone: (541) 506-6106

Section 504 Coordinator
Shayna Dahl Student Support Services Coordinator
Office: Rm 3.227 Phone: (541) 506-6046

Name: ADA Statement
Usage: This statement must be placed on any document that advertises or announces a class, college-sponsored activity, or any on-campus or off-campus college-sponsored event (any event or occurrence where accommodations might need to be provided). Additionally, it may and should be placed on any document on which its presence would be useful to those who may require accommodations.
Statement: For accommodations, please contact Shayna Dahl, Student Support Services Coordinator, at (541) 506-6046, 711 relay, or