Payment Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed to, the payment period is one calendar month with payments due and payable thirty (30) days from receipt of vendors's complete invoice or fifteen (15) days after payment is approved by the Owner, whichever is earlier. If a construction contract, the college may withhold 5% of each payment as retainage pursuant to ORS 279C.570. Vendors must reference the applicable Purchase Order number on their invoices; limit one PO number per invoice.

Accounts Payable checks are processed at least twice per week. Invoices for goods or services received by the end of the month will be recorded in that month the invoice is received and recorded by the accounts payable monthly cut-off date.

Purchase Order Process and Information

The Board of Education acts as the college’s Local Contract Review Board pursuant to ORS 279A.060 and has adopted the “Community College Rules of Procurement” (CCRP) dated December 14, 2010. The Department of Justice Model Rules of Procurement apply except as noted in the CCRP. Purchasing authority is delegated by the Board to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and to individual departments. A purchase order chain of approval system is in place to assure compliance.

Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) requires purchase orders for expenditures for goods and services. Vendors may accept approved college purchase orders. Vendor accounts are established by the Chief Financial Officer. To request credit references, contact the Business Office at (541) 506-6057. For questions, contact Accounts Payable at (541) 506-6053.

Mail invoices to: Columbia Gorge Community College, Attention: Accounts Payable, 400 East Scenic Drive, The Dalles OR 97058.

Purchasing Thresholds

Purchases under $1000

The college typically uses credit cards, or open account relationships with ongoing suppliers to acquire goods or supplies that are low dollar value, non-capital, non-service related type of expense items.

Procurements under $5,000

For purchases of goods and services under $5,000 documentation of 3 verbal quotes is required, where feasible. Departments have been given authority to purchase with Purchase Orders goods and services valued under $5,000 from their chosen vendors.

Procurements over $5,000 but less than $75,000

For purchases of goods and services over $5,000 and less than $75,000, documentation of three (3) written quotes is required.

Requires a minimum of three (3) informally solicited competitive quotes. The college shall keep a written record of the source and the amount of the quotes received. If three quotes are not available, a lesser number will suffice provided a written record is maintained of the effort to obtain the quotes.

NOTE: When the contract is for “Public Improvement” as defined by ORS 279A.010)(1)(aa) and/or for “Public Works” as defined in ORS 279C.800(5), and the contract price exceeds $25,000 but is less than $75,000, the college and the Contractor shall comply with:

  • The prevailing wage provisions of ORS 279C.800 to 279C.870, when applicable;
  • The contractor registration requirements of ORS 701; and
  • Any other law applicable to such a contract

Insurance and bonding requirements will vary by project. Contractors should review the requirements prior to submitting a quote.

Procurements over $75,000

If more than one supplier may be available and the total purchase is estimated to exceed $75,000, the college shall select a contractor through a formal competitive solicitation process.

The two primary methods we use are:

  • Invitation to Bid (ITB)-a formal competitive offer in which price, delivery (or project completion) and conformance to the specifications will be the predominant award criteria.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP)-a formal competitive process in which the contractor proposes creative, competitive solutions to the stated problem or need. Factors other than price may be the predominant award criteria.

For procurements $75,000 or over, Board of Education approval is required.

Small Construction Contract Template

For the majority of construction contracts, the small construction contract is used by the college to specify terms and conditions. 

Insurance, prevailing wage and bonding requirements will vary depending on the specific project and funding source.

A current year proof of insurance certification naming the college as an additional insured along with any required bonds, must be on file before work can proceed.

Solicitation Methods and Announcements

Formal procurements are advertised in local newspapers, the Daily Journal of Commerce and posted to this website. 

No Board member, officer, employee or agent of this college shall use their official position to obtain financial loss or gain for themselves or any member of their household in any contract entered into by the Board, including acceptance of any gratuities, financial or otherwise, from any supplier of materials or services, in accordance with the Oregon Government Standards and Practices (GSPC) law (ORS 244).

Supplier Responsibilities

Vendors are responsible for understanding the terms and conditions expected by the college.