Welcome to CGCC!

Many of our credit courses have prerequisites that must be completed before you sign up, such as reading, writing, and math skills. Knowing which courses are best for you saves you time, money, and frustration. We want you to start college with confidence! Any one of the measures below, or a combination of them, can help us place you at the best starting point for your current skill level.

Multiple Measures for Placement

Let's get started! Select the option below that best fits your situation. Don't worry, you'll have more opportunities to add additional information later on in the process if more than one measure applies to you.

Self-Guided Placement

Self-guided placement is coming soon. For now, please choose one of the other options, or speak to an academic advisor about placement.

Prior College

I have credits from another college.

Please email a copy of your unofficial or official transcript(s) to studentservices@cgcc.edu

High School

I want to use my high school records for placement and I have graduated within the last three years.

Please email a copy or a screen shot of your high school transcript OR your Smarter Balanced test scores and email to studentservices@cgcc.edu


I have completed a GED and I want to use my test scores.

Please email a copy or a screen shot of your GED test score report to studentservices@cgcc.edu

You can obtain a copy of your GED test score from MyGED.com

Placement Assessment

I want to take the Accuplacer assessment.

Please contact Student Services to schedule an appointment. Call (541) 506-6011, option 2, or email studentservices@cgcc.edu

Placement Scores

I have taken an Accuplacer assessment within the last two years.

Please email a copy or a screenshot of your Accuplacer scores to studentservices@cgcc.edu