PASS Program - Programa PASS

If you are a student in need of help in your classes or other supports, or a faculty member seeking to refer a student to the PASS program, please click here.

Si usted es un estudiante que necesita ayuda o otros tipos de apoyo en sus clases, o si usted es un miembro de la facultad que busca referir a un estudiante al programa PASS haga clic aquí.

We are here for you!

Sometimes college can be overwhelming. If you find you are struggling academically for any reason, you are encouraged to contact any advisor at CGCC for help. We are here to listen and support you.

The PASS program provides additional support and guidance to help identify what might be keeping you from success, get back on track, and if needed, connect you to other CGCC and/or community resources. 

You can refer yourself for assistance, or a faculty member may refer you if he/she feels you can benefit from more personalized support beyond what they are able to provide. Here is a sampling of some of the assistance PASS can provide:

  • Time/Organization Management Strategies
  • Help with CGCC or Community Resources and Referrals
  • Community/Family Support
  • Information on college policies, student rights and responsibilities to make the best decision regarding your success in this and other classes
  • Test taking strategies
  • Student skills/effective study habits
  • Assistance in communicating with faculty
  • Regular check- in appointments for personal/academic support
  • Assistance with enrollment decision-making i.e. drop/withdraw information and consequences

If you are referred by a faculty member, you will be contacted by student services staff shortly by phone and/or CGCC email.  If we have not been able to reach you and/or have not received a response from you regarding the referral by the end of the term, your "OK" to register may be removed to ensure that we discuss the referral with you and ensure that any continuing concerns or struggles you have are addressed before or during following terms. 

Helpful Information/Tools

If you would like assistance with any of the tools or strategies listed below, please contact us.

Time Management

Test Taking/Anxiety