Pacific Northwest College of Art 

Transfer Agreement: 90 credits

Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) has entered into a transfer agreement with the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA), facilitating transfer between the two institutions for students earning 90 credits of approved coursework at CGCC and interested in pursuing a four-year degree in the arts at PNCA.

This transfer pathway was designed for Studio Art majors. Design, Illustration, Animation, and Video/Sound majors may have additional 2nd year requirements. It is recommended that all students take courses related to expected major interest. Requirements can be waived by strength of portfolio upon review by Chair of department, though credits must still be earned.

If a student at CGCC gets the proper advising, especially in the aspect of the "Major Requirements," then they may indeed transfer in at the junior level at PNCA with 60 semester credits (90 quarter credits).

In addition, PNCA has several scholarship opportunities available for students participating in this transfer agreement.

Foundation Studio Requirements - 22 credits
CAS 230 Design Principles 3 credits
CAS 108 and CAS 208 Beginning Photoshop and Intermediate Photoshop 7 credits
ART 230 and ART 232 Drawing I and Drawing II - Studio 6 credits
ART 252 and ART 254 Ceramics I and Ceramics II - Studio 6 credits
Liberal Arts Requirements - 24 credits
WR 121Z Composition I 4 credits
MTH 105Z Math in Society (or any college level computer science, engineering course 4 credits
  Any Social Science: Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Political Science, Philosophy, etc. 12 credits
  Any Physical / Biological Science: Biology, Chemistry, Oceanography, Geology, Physics, Astronomy, etc. 4 credits
Art History - 8 credits
ART 211 Modern Art History: 19th Century Art in Europe & America 4 credits
ART 212 Modern Art History: Early 20th Century Art 4 credits
Other Electives - 36 credits
ART 102 Understanding the Visual Arts 4 credits
Any Studio Course:
Any Creative Writing Courses

Any Studio Course:

ART 269 Printmaking I (3)
ART 271 Printmaking II - Studio (3)
ART 280 Painting Basics (3)
ART 286 Watercolor I (3)
ART 287 Watercolor II (3)
WT 235 Graphic Design (4)

Any Creative Writing Courses:

WR 241 Creative Writing - Fiction (4)
WR 242 Creative Writing - Poetry (4)
WR 243 Creative Writing - Script Writing (4)
WR 244 Advanced Creative Writing - Fiction (4)
WR 245 Advanced Creative Writing - Poetry (4)
WR 246 Advanced Creative Writing - Editing and Publishing (4)
WR 247 Advanced Creative Writing - Scriptwriting (4)
WR 248 Advanced Creative Writing - Nonfiction (4)

32 credits
  Credit Total 90 credits