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Columbia Gorge Community College Foundation Scholarships

Columbia Gorge Community College Foundation is pleased to offer CGCC student scholarships that cover tuition, books, and/or fees. Full-year scholarship awards are $2,500 (disbursed between fall, winter, and spring terms), and winter/spring term scholarship awards are $1,700 (disbursed between winter and spring terms). CGCC Foundation thanks its generous donors who make these scholarship awards possible

CGCC Foundation Scholarship Applications

Now available for Spanish-speaking Nursing students in the Columbia Gorge who have financial need: 
2019-20 Fall CNA Program Scholarship- Application period closes on Thursday August 1st at 5pm.  
2019-20 Full-Year Scholarship- Application period ended 04/25/2019
2019-20 Winter-Spring Scholarship - Available NOW!

This information is regarding the Columbia Gorge Community College Foundation scholarships. Scholarship preference will be given to local residents of Oregon and Washington. Scholarship applicants must submit information using this form to be considered. The application becomes property of CGCC Foundation after submission and is treated as confidential information. Students may only receive a scholarship in one of the two periods (full-year or winter/spring term scholarships). Full-year scholarships are $2,500 and distributed equally over fall, winter, and spring terms. Winter/spring term scholarships are $1,700 and distributed equally over winter and spring terms. Scholarship recipients will be asked to provide two hours of volunteer service per academic term to benefit CGCC Foundation and/or the college. Scholarship recipients are required to submit an acceptance form and thank-you note to CGCC Foundation. 

The following criteria will be used to determine eligibility: academic skills that show strong aptitude in the student's field of study; financial need and resources; general motivation and desire; community involvement, including past/present employment, volunteer services, and extracurricular activities; timeliness and completeness of application, including submission of academic transcripts. 

All students who are awarded a foundation scholarship must enroll in a minimum of six credits per term and maintain satisfactory academic progress according to CGCC's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy. See

Late and incomplete applications will not be considered. Online applications and academic transcripts must be submitted by 5pm on Thursday, April 25, 2019. Applicants will receive a notification message through CGCC email by the end of May 2019. (Dates may be subject to change.)

Applicants should submit their academic transcripts to the CGCC Foundation Office via email to More information regarding academic transcripts is included in the online application. 

CGCC Foundation recommends that applicants type responses to the essay questions in a Word or Google document and copy/paste them in the online application to ensure that work is saved.

Please contact Stephanie Hoppe, CGCC Foundation director, if you have any questions:


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