Award Letter

You must sign and return this form and complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note (first time borrowers) in order to receive loans.

The Award Letter is an offer of the amount of funding you are eligible to receive. The amount of funding offered on the Award Letter is based on federal eligibility requirements, availability of funds, and in most cases, full-time enrollment.

Your loan eligibility (if not packaged at the time of initial award) will be sent to you separately on a Pre-Award Loan Estimate. This is an estimate of the amount of both Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans you're eligible to receive.

It may be necessary for the college to adjust your award for the following reasons:

  • Your enrollment level changed
  • You received funding from an outside resource
  • There was a change in your Standard Expense Budget
  • You have not maintained Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • You received aid at another school
  • There are regulatory changes in the aid programs

For the requirements of each fund that a student may be eligible for, see Types of Aid Available. There are additional steps required for certain types of funding and students should be prepared to complete additional steps.

Please read the Conditions of Award and the Award Letter you receive for the additional steps required.