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CT 114
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Windows and Interior Doors
Aug 09, 2022
Aug 17, 2022
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Grading Options
A-F, P/NP, Audit
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Repeats available for credit:

MTH 98 or placement into MTH 65; placement into IRW 115 or WR 115

Course Description

Introduces the various types of windows, skylights, and interior doors available and their proper use. Provides instructions for installation. Includes procedures for installing weather-stripping and locksets. Prerequisites: MTH 98 or placement into MTH 65; placement into IRW 115 or WR 115. Audit Available.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Install a standard window and replacement window.
  2. Install a bow or box bay window unit.
  3. Prepare a rough opening for door frame installation.
  4. Install standard door frame and interior door.

Suggested Outcome Assessment Strategies

Outcomes are assessed through a combination of hands-on and written assessments.  Priority is given to hands-on proficiency based assessment in an environment that requires demonstration of skills necessary for success in industry.

Course Activities and Design

The determination of teaching strategies used in the delivery of outcomes is generally left to the discretion of the instructor. Here are some strategies that you might consider when designing your course: lecture, small group/forum discussion, flipped classroom, dyads, oral presentation, role play, simulation scenarios, group projects, service learning projects, hands-on lab, peer review/workshops, cooperative learning (jigsaw, fishbowl), inquiry based instruction, differentiated instruction (learning centers), graphic organizers, etc.

Course Content

Outcome #1: Install a standard window and replacement window.
  • Identify the basic parts of a window
  • Define standard window height
  • Describe how to acclimate windows before installing
  • Check the rough opening for correct size
  • Apply proper leveling before fastening
  • Apply procedure for removing older window and installing replacement
Outcome #2: Install a bow or box bay window unit.
  • Understand the differences between a stick-built bay window and prefabricated units
  • Apply proper installation procedure for pre-fabricated unit
Outcome #3: Prepare a rough opening for door frame installation.
  • Refer to local building code to determine minimum door width
  • Prepare door frame for installation
Outcome #4: Install standard door frame and interior door.
  • Identify the swing for the door and where rabbets and jambs must be located
  • Check door for proper fit within frame
  • Determine the advantages of using pre-hung door units
  • Follow manufacturer’s recommendations when installing a pre-hung door unit

Suggested Texts and Materials

Modern Carpentry, 12th Edition, Wagner, Smith