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CG 225
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Transfer to a Four Year College
Jul 27, 2022
Jun 29, 2023
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A-F, P/NP, Audit
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Placement into IRW 115 or WR 115

Course Description

Explores the planning of transferring to a four year college. Includes the various processes, requirements, and issues that impact successful transitions. Provides strategies and information critical to academic development and adjustment to the four year college system. Prerequisite: Placement into IRW 115 or WR 115. Audit available.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Develop and continually assess academic plan to facilitate transfer to a four year school.
  2. Locate information to determine applicability of Lower Division Collegiate courses to prerequisites and admission requirements for undergraduate, graduate, and pre-professional programs.
  3. Choose a four year school and program based on personal criteria.
  4. Locate and employ financial resources to fund education at a four year college.
  5. Locate and utilize resources and services needed for college success at a four year school.
  6. Transfer to a four year school.

Suggested Outcome Assessment Strategies

Assessments may include individual or group projects or presentations, reports, portfolios, papers, quizzes and examinations, such as:

  1. Describe criteria for selecting a college and apply to selected college(s)
  2. Develop a time line for transferring to a four year college
  3. Prepare an application for admission to a four year college
  4. Identify potential resources and services at a four year college
  5. Identify potential majors and/or undergraduate and graduate degrees
  6. Demonstrate understanding of degree requirements for two/four year degrees
  7. Identify potential resources for financial and personal support

Course Activities and Design

The determination of teaching strategies used in the delivery of outcomes is generally left to the discretion of the instructor. Here are some strategies that you might consider when designing your course: lecture, small group/forum discussion, flipped classroom, dyads, oral presentation, role play, simulation scenarios, group projects, service learning projects, hands-on lab, peer review/workshops, cooperative learning (jigsaw, fishbowl), inquiry based instruction, differentiated instruction (learning centers), graphic organizers, etc.

Course Content

The following list indicates specific skills students will develop by doing assignments and participating in class:

  1. Gather, assess and analyze information regarding colleges in order to select a college to attend
  2. Identify college degree components and requirements
  3. Develop an education plan
  4. Plan a college visitation
  5. Locate information regarding admissions processes and requirements
  6. Locate Student Services and support systems at a four year school
  7. Access resources to fund college education
  8. Identify factors affecting personal adjustment, e.g. stress and anxiety
  9. Evaluate distance education options for degree completion
  10. Identify opportunities for graduate degrees
  11. Identify personal preferences regarding attending a four year college
  12. Understand and navigate systems
  13. Make decisions