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CAS 216
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Beginning Word
Aug 08, 2022
Aug 17, 2022
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Grading Options
A-F, P/NP, Audit
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Repeats available for credit:

Placement into IRW 115 or WR 115; keyboarding 25 words per minute or CAS 122.

Course Description

Introduces basic Microsoft Word program elements and tools to create, edit, and print documents such as letters, memos, and manuscripts; produce multi-page documents; use headers and footers; become familiar with the program's writing tools and basics of enhancing documents, sharing documents in a collaborative environment; and produce merged copy. Recommended: placement into IRW 115 or WR 115; keyboarding 25 words per minute or CAS 122. Audit available.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, student will be able to:

  1. Use Microsoft Word program and tools to create personal and/or business documents following current professional and/or industry standards.
  2. Apply critical thinking skills to independently design and create a variety of documents utilizing basic Word tools.
  3. Communicate in a business setting using word processing vocabulary.

Suggested Outcome Assessment Strategies

Assessment may include:  Projects with original work, reflection journals, group discussions, and open ended assessment, objective and production tests on basic document functions. 

Course Activities and Design

The determination of teaching strategies used in the delivery of outcomes is generally left to the discretion of the instructor. Here are some strategies that you might consider when designing your course: lecture, small group/forum discussion, flipped classroom, dyads, oral presentation, role play, simulation scenarios, group projects, service learning projects, hands-on lab, peer review/workshops, cooperative learning (jigsaw, fishbowl), inquiry based instruction, differentiated instruction (learning centers), graphic organizers, etc.

Course Content

Themes, Concepts, Issues

  • Utilize basic program tools to produce an error free document
  • Create and edit memos, letters, and reports of varying complexity using basic program tools
  • Plan, research, write, revise and publish documents to meet industry professional standards
  • Proofread documents to validate content using spelling/grammar check
  • Setup and perform mail merge operations
  • Sharing and maintaining documents through utilization of a variety of file types, managing document versions, saving documents, and applying templates
  • Save documents to different locations, including collaborative online locations

Competencies, Skills

Students will develop proficiency through reinforcement and assessment on the following skills:
  • Key, save, retrieve, and print documents.
  • Edit previously keyed documents.
  • Format personal and business documents correctly.
  • Produce a variety of documents in accordance with professional industry standards.
  • Use spelling and grammar check/thesaurus software features.
  • Proofread manually to find word usage errors not found with software tools.
  • Use mail merge features.
  • Use communication skills of correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar in business documents.
  • Use find and replace features.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking by determining font styles and sizes to business publications.
  • Apply safety techniques of relaxation and exercise to prevent computer-related disabilities such as carpal tunnel and eyestrain.
  • Demonstrate proper file management techniques.