It is EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY to report observed student behavior that gives cause for concern. CGCC is committed to the health and safety of its faculty, staff and students and to maintaining a safe environment in which they may work and learn. Therefore, any student behavior that causes concern on campus or in the classroom should be reported to the Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT) by completing the BAT Referral Form.


The Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT) is dedicated to insuring a safe and productive college environment; through a proactive behavioral intervention assessment process, that matches the cultural, compliance and problem-solving challenges the college encounters with its diverse population.

The BAT functions with a focus first on safety and then on early intervention which will help to prevent an individual's behavior from escalating and interfering with the well-being of the campus community. The BAT works in a proactive manner to assist students, faculty and staff and will:

  • maintain confidentiality and handle all matters discreetly.

  • provide consultation and support to faculty and staff

  • connect students with needed resources

  • recommend interventions

  • monitor and review ongoing behavior of citizens who have displayed disruptive or concerning behaviors

What to Report to the BAT

In general, any behavior that disrupts the learning environment of the college or causes concern:

  • Distressed or disturbed behavior

  • Unusual occurances

  • Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable; or something doesn't seem right

How to Report Concerns to the BAT

Report all incidents and concerns that you have regarding an individuals behavior by submitting the BAT Referral Form. Please include as much detail as possible about the behavior/incident. Use your judgement as to what is reportable, erring on the side of over-reporting if in doubt.


Contact a BAT member at

Process Guidelines

Each behavioral incident or concern reported to the BAT will be different; however, the process by which the reports are investigated will generally remain the same. The following is a general guide of how the BAT process will work:


A BAT Referral Report is received by BAT or one of its team members.


A BAT team meeting is called within two (2) business days. At the meeting, the team:

  • Reviews the Threat Assessment and Intervention Tools to determine a generalized risk level
  • Determines if the behavior should be handled at the BAT level or referred to a disciplinary process
  • Identifies who will contact and work with the student


An investigation is initiated by contacting the student who was reported, as well as faculty and students who filed the report on or interacted with the reported student. Other resources are consulted to determine whether there is a pattern to the reported behavior.


BAT team members process all information received through the investigation and develop their recommendations. Recommendations are discussed with the student who was reported, and the student’s follow-through on completing the BAT recommendations is tracked.

Report to Team

A report is made to BAT team members via email, unless another face-to-face meeting is needed to discuss concerns raised after meeting with the reported student.

Follow Up with Staff

The BAT team follows up with the person or persons who reported the incident to let them know action was taken.

Data Recording

Information on the incident reported is recorded for future reference and tracking.