Associate of Arts Transfer - English Literature

AAT Degree: 90 credits

The Associate of Arts Transfer – English Literature degree offers a streamlined path for CGCC students to gain credits and transfer seamlessly to an Oregon university in pursuit of a degree/career in English.

The study of English places high value on the ability to read intelligently and to write clearly; as such, it opens doors to careers in education, communications law, government, community service, and business. Indeed, the ability to handle the language with clarity and cogency is the skill most frequently cited by business professionals as desirable. A major in English gives students the breadth of outlook and depth of perspective that are increasingly important in twenty-first century careers.


This Major Transfer Map outlines specific course requirements for students at any Oregon community college who plan to transfer to a four-year public university and earn a Bachelor of Arts in English literature. Students may take classes that fit these categories at any Oregon community college and expect all classes to transfer into general education or the major at any Oregon public university. This map is intended for students who know they want to transfer and earn a Bachelor of Arts in English literature, but who are unsure of their intended transfer destination. Students should work with an advisor to ensure they fulfill the requirements of this major transfer map. Students who are certain of both their major and their intended transfer destination should consult an advisor for information on an existing specific articulation agreement or degree map that will prescribe their course requirements. If a student is seeking a Bachelor of Science in English literature, they should work with an advisor.

Note that in order for a student to successfully transfer to an Oregon public university, students must: 1) earn a grade of a “C” or better in courses in the major; 2) take courses in the major for a grade—they will not be accepted as “pass/no pass”; and 3) earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.0. Students must also regularly meet with an advisor. Students are strongly encouraged to: 1) seek advising before their first term of college; 2) seek advising after they have completed the 27-35 credits of the Core Transfer Requirements; and 3) seek advising and meet with a transfer coordinator before registration opens at the beginning of the students second year in college. Students should also be aware that if they want to complete this Major Transfer Map in two years, they should take an average of 45 credits per year, or approximately 15 credits per quarter. Finally, to earn at Associate’s degree, students will need to successfully complete at least 90 credits.

General Degree Requirements: Associate Degree Comprehensive Requirement Limits

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this degree, students will be able to:

  1. Closely read and interpret diverse literary texts, using literary techniques, contextual information, scholarly research, personal engagement and/or theoretical lenses.
  2. Critically analyze social and historical context, values and ethics expressed across diverse texts to better understand human behavior and engage more fully in local and global issues.
  3. Effectively utilize strong writing skills including clear expression, organization, concision, and mechanics appropriate for the intended audience.
  4. Locate, evaluate, and ethically utilize information to communicate effectively.
  5. Critique the systems of power and privilege that have shaped literature and our relationship to those systems.
Core Transfer Map Requirements - 32 credits
WR 121Z Composition I 4 credits
MTH 105Z or higher Math in Society 4 credits
  General Education Electives - Arts & Letters (200 level literature course, but not repeating ENG 253 or ENG 254)1 8 credits
  General Education Electives - Social Science1 8 credits
  General Education Electives - Lab Science biological and/or physical1 8 credits
  1 At least one Core Transfer Requirement course must also satisfy Cultural Literacy outcomes for the AAOT
Major Requirements - 12 credits
WR 122Z Composition II 4 credits
ENG 253 or
ENG 254
Survey of American Literature to 1865 or
Survey of American Literature from 1865 to Present
4 credits
  General Education Elective - Arts & Letters (200 level literature course other than ENG 253 or ENG 254 4 credits
Electives - 46 credits
Highly Recommended: 2 years of Foreign Language or equivalent (24 credits)

Complete additional electives to reach 90 credits total. See advisor to identify individual university requirements to aid in determining best choice of electives.

Other recommended electives include:
  • COMM 111Z or equivalent
  • Philosophy courses
  • Music or Theatre Appreciation courses
  • U.S. History
  • Biological or Physical Science
Credit Total 90 credits