Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) offers a wide variety of degrees and certificatestransfer and career and technical programs. The advising team is dedicated to help you select a right program, build an efficient educational plan and stay on track to graduation.

CGCC Catalog

Information about program choices, degree and certificate entry and graduation requirements.

Advising Guides

Download a checklist of the requirements for your degree or certificate.

Meet with an Advisor

An advisor will help you with information about programs, classes and transferring credits, as well as career information. An advisor’s approval is required prior to registering for credit courses.

On-Track 1 Appointment

On-Track 1 is your first term check-in with an advisor. During this session you will discuss your academic and career goals and make an educational plan. This meeting is necessary to receive your “OK to Register" for the next term and should be scheduled during the 3rd-5th week of your first term.

Contact Advising or call Student Services (541) 506-6000 option 2 to schedule the On-Track 1 appointment.