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Tria Bullard
Director of Board and Executive Services, (541) 506-6103

10: The College

20: Board Governance and Operations

20.A - Authority of the Board of Education

20.B - Duties of the Board of Education

20.C - Authority of Individual Board Members

20.D - Board Member Qualifications

20.E - Terms of Office

20.F - Oath of Office

20.G - Declaring Board Vacancies

20.H - Board Member Ethics

20.I - Board Member Conflicts of Interest

20.J - Duties of the Assistant to the Board

20.K - Officers

20.L - Meetings (Board Meeting Agenda, Board Meeting Procedures, Board Meetings/Regular Board Meetings, Board Work Sessions, Distribution of Agendas and Minutes, Minutes of Meetings, Notification of Board Meetings, Public Hearing, Public Hearings Procedures, Public Participation in Board Meetings, Organizational Meeting)

20.M - Administration in the Absence of Policy

20.N - Administrative Procedures

20.O - Board Member Liability Insurance

20.P - Community College Association Memberships

20.Q - Compensation and Expenses

20.R - Consultants to the Board

20.S - Official Newspaper

20.T - Policy Development

20.U - School Board Legislative Program

Related Administrative Rules and Operating Procedures

30: Students

40: Academics

50: Fiscal Management

60: Facilities and Support Services

70: College Personnel

Absenteeism and Tardiness
ADA Non-Retaliation Statement
ADA Policy Statement
ADA Procedures for Requesting ADA Accommodation
Alcohol/Controlled Substance Abuse
Alcohol/Controlled Substance Abuse Procedures
Board-Staff Communications
Children on Campus
Code of Conduct Policy
Communicable Disease
Copyrights and Patents
Discipline and Dismissal of Personnel
Drug and Alcohol Testing - Transportation Personnel
Drug and Alcohol Testing - Transportation Personnel Procedures
Early Retirement
Evaluation of Staff
Exchange Teaching
Family Medical Leave
Harassment Investigation Procedure
Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Menacing Complaints
Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Menacing Complaint Procedure
Instructor Standards
Job Sharing
Non-school Employment
Personnel Contracts
Personnel Policy Goals
Personnel Records
Personnel Selection and Termination
Position Descriptions
Posting of Professional Staff Vacancies
Staff Complaint Procedure
Staff Complaints
Staff Conflict of Interest
Staff Development
Staff Involvement in Decision Making
Staff Participation in Community Activities
Tuition Reimbursement-Administrative and Other Designated Staff
Workers' Compensation Insurance
Use of Electronic Communication System
Use of Tobacco

Administrative Rules and Operating Procedures

AR 070.001.000 - Volunteer Leave

OP 070.001.001 - Volunteer Leave

AR 070.002.000 - Animals on Campus

OP 070.002.001 - Temporary Exclusion of Service Animals

AR 070.004.000 - Public Records Request

AR 070.005.000 - Veterans' Preference in Hiring

AR 070.008.000 - Military Leave

AR 040.005.000 - Faculty Minimum Qualifications

OP 040.005.001 - Hiring Process for Part-Time Faculty

AR 040.012.000 - Adult Continuing Education Instructor Pay

AR 040.013.000 - Faculty Pay for Non-Teaching Work

AR 040.015.000 - Professional Development - Faculty

80: Information Technology

90: College Advancement/Community Relations