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Tiffany Prince
Administrative Assistant to the President and Board of Education, (541) 506-6103

10: The College

20: Board Governance and Operations

30: Students

40: Academics

50: Fiscal Management

50.A - Budget Implementation

50.B - Budget Committee

50.C - Depository of Funds/Investments

50.D - Outside Funding

50.F - Bonded Employees and Officers

50.G - Petty Cash Fund

50.H - Purchasing and Procurement

50.I - Use of Credit Cards

50.J - Payment of Bills

50.K - Payroll

50.L - Tuition

50.M - Disposal of College Property

Administrative Rules and Operating Procedures

AR 050.001.000 - Travel and Transportation
OP 050.001.001 - Travel and Transportation

AR 050.002.000 - Cash Management

OP 040.002.001 - Safekeeping of Cash

AR 050.003.000 - Records Retention

AR 050.003.001 - Hard Copy Records Retention

AR 050.004.000 - Student Refunds

AR 050.005.000 - Audit

AR 050.006.000 - Administration of College Funds - Bonds and Investments

AR 050.007.000 - Financial Reporting

AR 050.008.000 - Purchasing

OP 050.008.001 - Purchasing

AR 050.009.000 - Procurement

OP 050.009.001 - Procurement

60: Facilities and Support Services

60.A - Environmental Impact

60.B - Emergency Procedures

60.C - Campus Security

60.D - Authorized Use of Equipment

60.E - Resource Conservation

Administrative Rules and Operating Procedures

AR 060.001.000 - Designated Free Speech Area

70: College Personnel

Absenteeism and Tardiness
Alcohol/Controlled Substance Abuse
Alcohol/Controlled Substance Abuse Procedures
Children on Campus
Communicable Disease
Copyrights and Patents
Discipline and Dismissal of Personnel
Drug and Alcohol Testing - Transportation Personnel
Drug and Alcohol Testing - Transportation Personnel Procedures
Early Retirement
Evaluation of Staff
Exchange Teaching
Family Medical Leave
Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation and Menacing
Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation and Menacing Complaint Procedure
Job Sharing
Non-school Employment
Personnel Contracts
Personnel Policy Goals
Personnel Records
Position Descriptions
Posting of Professional Staff Vacancies
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure
Staff Complaints
Staff Complaint Procedure
Staff Conflict of Interest
Staff Development
Staff Involvement in Decision Making
Tuition Reimbursement
Workers' Compensation Insurance
Electronic Communications System

Administrative Rules and Operating Procedures

80: Information Technology

90: College Advancement/Community Relations