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Pre-College and College Guidance Department


Jensi Smith
Pre-College Specialist III, (541) 506-6041

Department Chair

Franceina Brackenbury

College Guidance

Teaching current and future students the skills needed to guide them through a successful college experience.

College Prep Program

People looking to go back to college can learn the basic skills needed for taking college courses.

General Education Development (GED®)

Students will learn the needed skills to complete the GED® test.


Expand your reading skills, learn basic to college level reading skills.


Course Name Credits Description
CG 101 College Survival and Success: Personal Responsibility 1

Provides information and techniques for personal responsibility as a means for creating college success. Introduces developing skills for navigating a culturally diverse learning environment and utilizing college resources and services. First course in a series (CG 101-103). Audit available.

CG 102 College Survival and Success: Goal Setting 1

Provides information on the role of goal-setting as a means for creating college success. Continues to develop skills for navigating a culturally diverse learning environment and for utilizing college resources and services. Second course in the series (CG101-103). Prerequisite: CG101. Audit available.

CG 103 College Survival and Success: Self-Management 1

Focuses on the role of self-management as a means for creating college success. Continues to develop skills for navigating a culturally diverse learning environment and accessing college resources and services. Third course in a series (CG101-103). Prerequisite: CG 101. Audit available.

CG 111A Study Skills for College Learning 3

Provides information, techniques, and strategies helpful in becoming more efficient in studying, note taking, textbook reading, and taking exams. Develops skills in scheduling study time, library research, memory strategies, and critical thinking. Prerequisites: Placement into WR 90 and RD 90. Audit available.

CG 111C Study Skills for College Learning 1

Introduces information and techniques in note taking, textbook reading, taking exams, and developing a study schedule. Prerequisites: Placement into WR 90 and RD 90. Audit available.

CG 114 Financial Survival for College Students 1

Provides basic information and strategies to empower individuals to make positive decisions about funding their education and establishing control over their financial lives, leading to financial independence and reduced life stress. Introduces: funding college, budgeting, wise use of credit, controlling debt, basic financial planning, effective financial decision making, and avoiding financial mistakes and pitfalls. Prerequisites: WR 90, RD 90, and MTH 20 or equivalent placement test scores. Audit available.

CG 130 Today's Careers 2

Exposes a wide range of occupations including educational and skill requirements. Covers ways of gathering information about specific occupations. Includes guest speakers from a variety of careers to further illustrate the realities of the world of work. Audit available.

CG 140B Career and Life Planning 2

This course provides students with the tools needed to make informed career decisions. Students will assess skills, values, interests, personality, obstacles, and approaches to decision making. The course provides instruction on how to research career information, gain access to information materials, and methods of exploring careers and majors. Prerequisites: Placement into WR 115 and RD 115. Audit available.

CG 209 Job Finding Skills 1

Explores broad range of job search techniques, including building a job network, compiling appropriate information for job applications, targeting cover letters and resumes, typical interview questions and techniques. Promotes overall understanding of the job search process. Audit available.

CG 225 Transfer to a Four Year College 2

Explores the planning of transferring to a four year college. Includes the various processes, requirements, and issues that impact successful transitions. Provides strategies and information critical to academic development and adjustment to the four year college system. Prerequisite: Placement into WR 115 and RD 115. Audit available.

Faculty and Staff

Namesort icon Title Email Phone
Julie Belmore Julie Belmore Reading, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (541) 506-6041
Melissa Bickle Pre-College Math Instructor (541) 506-6041
Franceina Brackenbury Franceina Brackenbury
Reading & Pre-College Instructor
Department Chair (541) 506-6179
Julie (Jules) Burton Julie (Jules) Burton Environmental Science Instructor (541) 506-6000, ext. 7163
Janette Stanley Janette Harrington Pre-College Instructor (541) 506-6041
Mary (Katy) Jablonski Mary (Katy) Jablonski Pre College Reading & Writing
Jenn Kamrar Developmental Education Instructor (541) 506-6183
Emily Kohner Emily Kohner Pre-College Writing Instructor (541) 506-6041
Brook Maurer Brook Maurer Pre-College and Career Guidance Instructor (541) 506-6178
Abby Merickel Abby Merickel Art & Reading Instructor (541) 506-6041
Patrick Rawson Patrick Rawson Pre-College Programs Instructor (541) 506-6000, ext. 8241
Stephen Shwiff
History & Business Administration Instructor
Curriculum Committee Chair
Jensi Smith Jensi Smith Pre-College Specialist III (541) 506-6041
Kelly Wiley Kelly Wiley Pre-College/ESOL & Literacy Program Instructional Assistant (541) 506-6000, ext. 8243