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Outcomes & Related Instruction


Course Content and Outcome Guides

Degree, Certificate and Program Outcomes

Institutional Core Learning Outcomes

Through their respective disciplines, CGCC students who earn a degree can:

  1. Communicate effectively using appropriate reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. (Communication)
  2. Creatively solve problems by using relevant methods of research, personal reflection, reasoning, and evaluation of information. (Critical thinking and Problem-Solving)
  3. Apply the knowledge, skills and abilities to enter and succeed in a defined profession or advanced academic program. (Professional Competence)
  4. Appreciate cultural diversity and constructively address issues that arise out of cultural differences in the workplace and community. (Cultural Awareness)
  5. Recognize the consequences of human activity upon our social and natural world. (Community and Environmental Responsibility)

Outcomes Assessment

Related Instruction

Computer Applications and Office Systems Administrative Assistant (CAOS)
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Medical Assisting (MA)
Oregon Green Technician Certificate OGTC)
Practical Nursing
Renewable Energy Technology (RET)