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Feb 18, 2016
I am Learning to Read: How to Document Literacy Development

In this workshop we will explore ways to document this monumental growth step and preserve it for all time. In addition, techniques and tools will be shared that will assist teachers in assessing where children are on the language/literacy development continuum and how observation is critical to this process.

Feb 20, 2016
All 4 Math: Set 1

Session 1: Understanding Number and Operations- Participants will be introduced to the foundations of math knowledge and skills from birth-to-five, and gain an understanding of how children learn about number and operations. Participants will become aware of ways to promote children’s knowledge of number and children's skills in using math as part of everyday experiences. 

Session 2: The Basics of Geometry and Spatial Sense- In this training, you will be introduced to the foundations of Geometry and Spatial Sense which are developing in young children, birth-to-five. You will become aware of ways to promote children’s knowledge of geometry and spatial sense and their skills in using math throughout the day.

Feb 22, 2016
Animando y Apoyando el Tomar Riesgos en Salones de la Edad Temprana

 Mediante actividades, examinaremos la influencia de estos riesgos en el desarrollo e identificar donde podemos apoyar comportamientos entre el contexto de su programa. 

Feb 22, 2016
Encouraging and Supporting Risk-Taking in Early Childhood Classrooms

Through activities we will examine the influence of risk-taking on development and identify where you can support these behaviors within the context of your program.  

Feb 24, 2016
DHS Orientation

This class gives you information on DHS Child Care Programs. It helps you understand the listing and billing process. You will learn how to become eligible for the DHS Enhanced Rate. 

Feb 25, 2016
Positive Behavior Supports

Positive behavior interventions and supports, or PBIS, is an effective tool for guiding and managing challenging behaviors in your program. In this session we will explore the concepts of PBIS and discuss ways you can integrate PBIS strategies to support all the children and youth in your program.

Feb 26, 2016
Early Words: Session 3- Leap into Language and Literacy & 4- The Magic of Children's Literature

Session 3: Leap into Language and Literacy. Come and learn how to encourage language and literacy development for the children in our program.

Session 4: The Magic Children's Literature.  This session will offer a basic understanding of how to incorporate developmentally appropriate books into the early care and education setting.

February 26th-27th, March 18th-19th, April 9th
Mind in the Making

This training series analyzes the Seven Essential Life Skills outlined in Ellen Galinsky’s book Mind in the Making. 

Feb 29, 2016
Increasing Quality Training

This session is the first step to participating in Oregon's Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS).

Mar 1, 2016
Overview For Family Child Care

Required three hour orientation to regulations, rules and application process for Family Child Care Registration with the Office of Child Care. Required for persons who provide child care to more than three children from more that one family at any one time, other than the person's own children.

Mar 3, 2016
Quality Rating and Improvement System Standard for Curriculum: Aligning Your Curriculum with QRIS Standards

During this workshop, participants will examine the requirements of and explore how to clearly align their current (non-preapproved) curriculum to QRIS standards. 

Mar 4, 2016
Honoring Your Families Cultures

Participants will examine why it’s important to provide a culturally responsive ELDP, explore how to be linguistically responsive to their families, and explore and select strategies to reflect and support children’s cultures and home languages. 

Mar 9, 2016
Sesion 2: Otra Vez, Otra Vez-Desarrollo del Lenguaje y de la Alfabetización para Niños Pequeños.

Los niños pequeños están siempre en la marcha porque están tratando de comprender el funcionamiento de su mundo. En esta sesión de Early Words Desarrollo del Lenguaje y Alfabetización 2014, los participantes aprenderán sobre ambientes ricos de alfabetización para niños pequeños y adquirir los conceptos básicos de cómo mantener a los niños pequeños ocupados en actividades de lenguaje y alfabetización.

Mar 9, 2016
Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect

Learn about types and signs of abuse and neglect. Learn what to report, how to report it, who to call to report and who will respond to the report. 

Mar 12, 2016
Implementing Developmental Screening Using the Ages & Stages Questionnaire-Third Edition (ASQ-3)

In this interactive, practical, hands-on session, participants will explore current health and early learning policies promoting developmental screening and examine implementation of Ages & Stages developmental screening including the ASQ Oregon website. Participants will also explore strategies to expand skills for engaging families around screening results and build capacity to navigate community resources and make referrals.