FY2015-16 Q2 Supplemental Budget

Second Quarter Supplemental Budget Notice

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2015-16 Adopted Budget

Adopted Budget

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2015-16 Community Budget Book

April 28th Budget Committee Presentation

May 5th Budget Committee Presentation


Columbia Gorge Community College's (CGCC) administrative staff evaluates the budget requests of the various departments of the college to determine the funding levels of the operating programs.

The budget is presented to the public through public hearings held by a budget committee consisting of Board members and lay members. After giving due consideration to the input received from the citizens, the Board of Education adopts the budget, authorizes the levying of taxes and sets appropriations.

The budget must be adopted not later than June 30 of each fiscal year. The Year End Closing Dates and Budget Planning Schedule facilitate keeping the budget process on track.

Requirements and Provisions

Under the applicable provisions, there must be public participation in the budget process and the adopted budget must be balanced. The pamphlet Local Budgeting in Oregon provides a brief overview of the full budget process.

The Oregon Department of Revenue Basic Budgeting Book is an introductory guide to creating local budgets. The Local Budgeting Manual provides detailed information and explanations of Oregon's Local Budget Law provisions and processes.

State Deferred Payments

The State deferred the last quarter’s payment of State revenues to the college in fiscal year 2005 and is expected to continue the practice of deferring the last payment of each biennium to the next biennium for budget purposes. The annual college budget accounts for the timing of expected State payment deferrals.

The budget may be amended during the applicable Fiscal Year through the adoption of a supplemental budget. Supplemental budgets may be adopted by the Board pursuant to ORS 294.480.

Budget Development

Budget Calendar for Fiscal Year 2015 - 16


Achievement Compact

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