Green Projects Around Campus

Donate/Recycle Old Cell Phone

What to do with that old cell phone? Donate or recycle it! The Green Team created a bulletin board about the reasons to donate or recycle your used cell phone instead of throwing them in the trash.

Library Repurposes Old Furniture

In early 2014, the library found an old card catalog and used it for shelving music CDs.

Commute Survey 2013

Healthy Commute Contest

Commute to the college in an earth-friendly ways and win an awesome prize!
The contest starts over each quarter.

Past winners

The Dalles Campus Water Audit

In the spring quarter of 2012, another of Jules Burton's classes did a water audit of The Dalles Campus.

Hood River Campus Water Audit

Jules Burton's ESR 172 class performed a water audit of the Hood River campus during the winter quarter of 2012.

Green Event Planning Guide

The Green Team came up with a list of best practices for reducing waste of resources when holding meetings. The guide was adapted from the Green Event Guide for Duke University and Recycling at Events Guide produced by Recycling Advocates, City of Portland and Metro.

Junk Mail Campaign

In Fall 2011 and Winter 2012, the Green Team launched two rounds of a "Got junk mail?" campaign which aimed at assisting College staff and faculty in canceling catalogs, flyers and offers that they do not want or need. Hundreds of pieces of junk mail were collected and put by Green Team members on "do-not-mail lists" requesting senders to suspend the mailing.

Cancel Your Junk Mail

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