Student Success Resources

The CGCC Student Handbook - Your Guide to Student Success

The CGCC Student Handbook contains vital information for first year success. It includes planning pages, step by step instructions, student success resources, and information on support programs and services.


Promoting Access to Student Success (PASS)

If you find yourself struggling academically for any reason, contact any advisor for help. We are here to listen and support you.

The PASS program provides additional support and guidance to help identify what might be keeping you from success, get back on track, and connect you to other resources.

CGCC Faculty and Staff may also refer students for assistance. If you are concerned about another student, you can make a confidential referral as well. Contact Shayna Dahl,, (541) 506-6046.


Tutoring Services

Free drop-in tutoring assistance is available for CGCC students in math, science, and writing. Tutoring is available at both campuses and online. See Tutoring Schedule.


Counseling Services

Confidential, short-term counseling services are available to CGCC students experiencing problems that interfere with success in school or who need additional support.


Student Success Classes

Research shows that students who take a College Success or Study Skills class are more likely to accomplish their goals, earn better grades, and graduate. Consult the class schedule for class availability.

CG101 - College Survival and Success, 1 credit

Learn time management techniques and goal setting. Understand and connect to important college resources. Gain skills for note taking and test preparation. This class will give you the skills and confidence to successfully meet your educational goals.

CG111A - Study Skills for College Learning, 3 credit

This class provides information, techniques and strategies to help become more efficient in studying, note taking, textbook reading and taking exams. You will identify your preferred learning style and develop study skills to complement your style. This course goes into greater depth than CG100C.