PTK "I have a Nerdy Mind" Fundraiser


Michelle Gietl
Student Life Advisor, (541) 506-6027

April 21, 2015

The Alpha Sigma Xi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa just returned from an amazing trip to San Antonio, TX. The 2015 NerdNation was an amazing experience for the students. They were able to tour San Antonio and experience the culture and rich history of the city. The current honors study topic, The Frontiers of Exploration, made San Antonio the perfect backdrop for the conference.

The Chapter President, Cara Krueger, designed some awesome t-shirts for the chapter to sell. Through, we are able to sell these shirts at a reasonable price while making some money in the process. She designed two different shirts.

The campaign goes until April 29th. You can get free shipping by choosing to have your shirt delivered your shirt Student Life Center. They will be delivered around May 13th.