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Namesort descending Department Title Email Phone
Elideth Ancheyta-Reyes English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) ESOL Instructional Assistant
James Beedie James Beedie Math Math Instructional Assistant
Benjamin Berger Small Business Development Center Part-time Interim SBDC Counselor
Amanda Bernal Amanda Bernal Facilities Services, Information Technology Services Administrative Assistant for Infrastructure (541) 506-6091
Mavi Bonfil Facilities Services PT Custodian
Sara Brown Facilities Services Custodian
Ryan Brusco Ryan Brusco Advising and Career Services Academic Advisor (541) 506-6066
Rhianna Byrd Rhianna Byrd Student Services Student Services Support Specialist (541) 506-6016
Jennifer Christensen Jennifer Christensen Financial Aid Financial Aid Coordinator (541) 506-6029
Aaron Churchwell Aaron Churchwell Information Technology Services Information Systems Security Manager (541) 506-6096
Picture of Gerardo Cifuentes Gerardo Cifuentes Student Services Vice President of Student Services (541) 506-6010
Kelsey Contreras Kelsey Contreras Student Services Student Services Support Specialist (541) 308-8215
Teresa Cummings Teresa Cummings Weir Pre-College & Transfer Programs Title 1B Program Manager, Pre-College Coordinator (541) 506-6048
Shayna Dahl Shayna Dahl Advising and Career Services, Student Services Student Support Services Coordinator (541) 506-6046
Danny Dehaze Danny Dehaze Facilities Services, Information Technology Services Executive Director of Infrastructure (541) 506-6097
Marty Fiegenbaum Marty Fiegenbaum Business Office Accounting Specialist - Accounts Payable (541) 506-6053
Matt Fitzpatrick Matt Fitzpatrick Pre-College & Transfer Programs Pre-College Pathways & Transition Advisor, Title II Director (541) 506-6042
Jarett Gilbert Instructional Services Vice President of Instructional Services (541) 506-6030
Gail Gilliland Gail Gilliland Curriculum Office, Instructional Services Curriculum and Assessment Administrative Assistant (541) 506-6037
Jessica Griffin Conner Jessica Griffin Conner Instructional Services Marketing & Communications Coordinator (541) 506-6039
Brian Gross Headshot Brian Gross Facilities Services Groundskeeper (541) 506-6071
Steven Holman Instructional Services Dean of General Education
Steph Hoppe Steph Hoppe Resource Development Director of Foundation (541) 506-6113
Tammy Huffman Tammy Huffman Food Services Manager (541) 506-6196
Nicole Hughes Nicole Hughes Student Services Student Services Support Specialist (541) 506-6017
Mike Johnson Mike Johnson Financial Aid Financial Aid Director (541) 506-6038
Angela Johnston Angela Jones Instructional Services, Nursing & Health Occupations Nursing & Health Occupations Administrative Assistant (541) 506-6141
Courtney Judah Courtney Judah Human Resources Director of Human Resources (541) 506-6151
Rosalie Kelly Rose Kelly Bookstore, Instructional Services Communty Education and Customized Training Coordinator (541) 506-6063
Elizabeth Knudsen Elizabeth Knudsen Pre-College & Transfer Programs Pre-College Specialist (541) 506-6041
Mary Kramer Mary Kramer Career & Technical Education, Instructional Services Dean of Career and Technical Education & Pre-College (541) 506-6033
Samantha Layna Child Care Partners Child Care Partners Administrative Assistant
Susan Lewis Susan Lewis Curriculum Office, Instructional Services Director of Accreditation & Assessment (541) 506-6047
Michael Mallery Michael Mallery Business Office Vice President of Finance (541) 506-6050
Mary Martin Mary Martin Student Services Registrar, Veteran Services (541) 506-6025
Brenda Massie Brenda Massie Child Care Partners Quality Improvement Specialist (541) 506-6132
Rose Mays Headshot Rose Mays Small Business Development Center SBDC Project Coordinator (541) 506-6121
Dylan McManus Library Director of Library and Learning Commons (541) 506-6080
Traci Miller Traci Miller Pre-College & Transfer Programs Career Advisor (541) 296-5435, ext.234
Margaret Myers President's Office AA to the President and Board of Education (541) 506-6101
Jonathan Neptune Instructional Services Instructional Services Manager (541) 506-6031
Noemi Ochoa Noemi Ochoa Child Care Partners Early Childhood Specialist (541) 506-6134
Ino Olivan Ino Olivan Facilities Services Facilities Services Manager (541) 506-6073
Nancey Patten Nancey Patten Child Care Partners Director of Childcare Resource & Referral (541) 506-6130
Gary Powers Gary Powers Facilities Services Custodian
Gregory Price Small Business Development Center SBDC Director (541) 506-6120, ext.6120
Tiffany Prince Tiffany Prince Student Outreach and Recruitment (SOAR) (541) 506-6013
Doug Roland Headshot Doug Roland Facilities Services Groundskeeper (541) 506-6071
Shayra Sanchez Student Services Success Coach
Mike Scroggs Mike Scroggs Pre-College & Transfer Programs Career Advisor (541) 308-8261
Dan Spatz Dan Spatz Marketing Executive Director, Institutional Advancement (541) 506-6034
Sid Spaulding Sid Spaulding Business Office Fund & Cost Accountant (541) 506-6056
Tori Stanek Library Digital Access and Public Services Librarian
Kelly Sullivan Kelly Sullivan Advising and Career Services Academic Advisor (541) 506-6022
Mike Taphouse Mike Taphouse Advising and Career Services, Other CGCC Programs, Student Services Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator (541) 506-6026
Kathleen Viemeister Kathleen Viemeister Library Interim Manager of Library Services (541) 506-6080
Sara Viemeister Sara Viemeister, BS Financial Aid Financial Aid Coordinator (541) 506-6069
Ron Watrus Ron Watrus Information Technology Services, Library Computer Support Technician - Lab Aide (541) 506-6084
Kelly Wiley Kelly Wiley Instructional Services Pre-College & Gorge Literacy Program Instructional Assistant (541) 308-8243
Ann Willis Headshot Ann Willis Human Resources Manager of Payroll & Benefits (541) 506-6153
Marta Cronin Marta Yera Cronin President's Office President (541) 506-6101
Joyce Zrelak Joyce Zrelak Business Office Accounting Specialist - Accounts Receivable (541) 506-6057